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Importance of Water Dispenser | Review on Water Dispenser Machine 2023

Water dispensers, as the name suggests is used to dispense water. Let’s know all about Water Dispenser here. Do you know that our body is 75% water and we need at least seven to eight glasses of water every day to survive? Even a mere loss of one percent of water from our body can lead to dehydration. Thus it is very important that we drink adequate every single day to maintain overall health.

All About Water Dispenser

We understand that water is the elixir of our life; hence it only makes sense to smartly invest in a water dispenser to access clean, healthy water instantly. Here are the basics and uses of Water Dispenser Machine.

All About Water Dispenser image
All About Water Dispenser image

Water Dispenser Basics

A water dispenser provides easy access to drinking water. Hence they are an important appliance to be made available everywhere.

There are multiple dispenser types which fit into three broad categories.

  • Dispensers which provide clean drinking water that can be filled in a bottle or glass.
  • Water Dispensers which provide straight from the water line.
  • Dispensers which additionally provide features like filtering water, cooling water or heating water.

Importance of Water Dispenser: Water dispensers are generally used in residential homes which may not have clean drinking water. They are also environmentally friendly as it reduces the usage of single-use plastic bottles.

More often people also enjoy drinking water from a dispenser. When it is combined with an option to provide cold or hot water, it only becomes a crowd pleaser.

Types of Water Dispensers

Let’s look at some of the most popular types of water dispensers.

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Bottled Dispensers

These are usually found in an office. Depending on the model, water may be at room temperature or can be cold or hot water. In this type, there is a fifteen liter (five gallons) bubble top bottle placed on an upside down on top of the tank in the dispenser. On pushing lever water from the bubble top bottle is released through the spigot in the middle of the dispensing unit.

This model requires additional maintenance as we need to monitor and replace the bubble top models, as and when they are drained completely.

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Wall mounted Dispensers

Mounted dispensers are found in public spaces like schools, parks, offices etc. With the advent of technology, mounted dispensers are also designed to refill water bottles. This type of dispensers can be wall mounted or can be made as a standalone unit. They are connected to a water line to dispense water.

Mounted dispensers are used by people for quick refreshment. Water will spout out of a mouthpiece on turning or pushing a knob. Mostly water dispensed out of mounted dispensers is not treated.

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Point-Of-Use Dispensers

Points of use dispensers are ones that are readily available in your home. A typical example would be your kitchen faucet. These are the most convenient type of dispensers that can deliver water instantly. This dispenser can also be found in your refrigerators or as a standalone unit.

Household dispensers also have the option to deliver hot water, cold water or water at room temperature at the change of a knob. Their water is usually filtered or treated, which is dependent on the type of system you use.

Water Dispenser buying guide

There are different types of water dispensers as indicated above and each of them has an assortment of sizes and shapes. Certain types are suited for smaller areas like countertops or tabletops while others may be suitable for bigger areas. Choosing the right dispenser needs a survey of the area and the typical usage.

  • A standard wall mountable dispenser might solve your problem if you need a simple system to dispense water.
  • If you are looking for ones that will additionally treat or filter water, a bottled dispenser of point-of-use systems might fit your bill.

A point-of-use system or a wall-mountable system works only when there is a water main line to connect. However, a bottled dispenser might be used when there is no access to continuous water supply.

The right way to buy a dispenser

Buying the right dispenser will depend solely on individual requirements. Make a checklist of your requirements, available area, and the typical usage. Once we get the details, it is easy to choose the right dispenser. For more information on Water Dispenser Reviews and Buying Guide, please visit our Best Water Softener portal regularly.

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  1. I bought a cheap water dispencer LLecned from Walmart. The item description doesn’t say what kind of water bottles it uses. I was going to use the primo brand, but I’m not sure if it’ll work with that brand. Are all bottles and dispensers universal? I’m thinking of returning it, buying a primo brand. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tia

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