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Guide About Water Distillers | Types of Water Distiller – Countertop, Precision, Solar

Knowing all about Water Distillers before buying one will help you pick the best one. So, let’s see… Water Distiller is a piece of equipment which is used to produce high-quality water through the distillation process.

All About Water Distillers image
All About Water Distillers image

All About Water Distillers

Distillation is the process of removing the contaminants like salts and heavy metals where the boiling water leaves behind. The water is heated up to the boiling point in this process and steam is collected. The steam is then converted back into liquid form leaving the contaminants at the back and making the pure water. There are a lot of Water Distillers available in the market with various sizes to choose from. All of them will remove approximately all the contaminants from the water. Water distillers will save a lot when compared to purchased water bottles.

American Water Distillers

American Water Distillers image
American Water Distillers image

Aqua Nui home water distillers are made in the U.S.A stainless steel water distiller used in homes to build pure and secure. These are simply the best one that money can buy. Aqua Nui water distillers are made for people who want to drink the purest form of water available. Over 45 years Aqua Nui offers the best countertop water distiller. Aqua Nui will help you to protect from harmful contaminants like lead, mercury, chlorine, arsenic, nitrates, and pesticides. In addition to this, it also removes viruses, bacteria and any such biological. Aqua Nui is the premier water distiller which comes from Pure and secures, LLC, maker of Pure Water brand. This product is sold out throughout the world and their brand recognition is exceptional.

This company president passionately keeps the Aqua Nui team to focus on core strength, manufactures the best water treatment systems in the market. Aqua Nui patent pending has premium water distillers and storage tanks carry 15 years limited warranty and 2-year full warranty on the electrical parts. Aqua Nui premium water distiller combines the best performance, design, and price. Stainless steel is an ideal material for distiller and makes every unit more durable. This water distiller is space saving and modular. These American Water Distillers are designed to fit your lifestyle and needs.

It is easy to configure the Aqua Nui water premium distiller for home or office:

  • Select the production capacity that suits your home or office.
  • Pick the size of the storage tank.
  • Choose your add on and accessories like an elegant faucet or pump kit which allows you to dispense the pure distilled water throughout your office or home.

Water distillers for home

Distillation will absolutely kill all the living microorganisms in water and leave behind any sediment, debris, and heavy metals giving you pure water. Though water distillers may not be time efficient and volume efficient as like other means it will guarantee pure water with free of contaminants and even minerals.

Below are the best water distillers for home:

Megahome Countertop Water Distillers

Megahome Countertop Water Distillers image

  • Distills 1 gallon for every 5.5 hours
  • 1-year warranty
  • UL listed and approved
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Activated carbon filtration
  • 304-grade stainless steel

This type of distiller won the award for best water distiller. It is the only Distiller in the market with UL approval. UL is the most trusted independent global technology company that strictly tests the products to determine if they not with any strict safety standards. This well-constructed water distiller is made up of 304-grade stainless steel which makes it resistant to water corrosion. It has an efficient cooling system and has an activated carbon filter which provides clean and drinkable water in a 4L glass carafe. It has automatic shut off which is a safety feature for overnight distilling.

H20 Labs Stainless Steel Water Distiller

H20 Labs Stainless Steel Water Distiller image

  • Distills 4 gallon per day
  • Activated carbon filtration
  • 1 year warranty
  • 565 watt heating element
  • Porcelain Nozzle
  • 304 Grade stainless steel
  • Easy lift handle

H20 labs water distillers are very popular and high rated countertop water distillers for home use. It rigorously tested and evaluated for the ease of maintenance, durability, operation, dependability, warranty, design, functionality, technical and customer satisfaction and customer support. H20 Labs has larger heating elements which can boil water quickly, causing it to mix with the VOCs and other contaminants that reduce the purity of water.

ROVSUN 4L Countertop Water Distiller

ROVSUN 4L Countertop Water Distiller image

  • Distills 1 liter per hour
  • Activated carbon filtration
  • Automatic shutoff
  • 304 grade stainless steel
  • 4L shockproof glass container
  • FDA approved and listed
  • 1 year warranty
  • 750 watt heating element

The ROVSUN countertop water distillers approved by the FDA as safe and efficient as home water distiller. The ROVSUN has 4 liter capacity and shockproof container to collect distilled water. It tested rigorously and well manufactured; this water distiller produces clean water at the rate of 1 liter per hour on 750 watt heating element.

Pure Water Mini Classic Countertop Distiller

Pure Water Mini Classic Countertop Distiller image

  • Distills 4 gallons for every 12 hours
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Made in the USA
  • 800 Watt heating element
  • 304 grade stainless steel
  • 15 year warranty

The pure water mini classic countertop water distiller is a very popular distiller and it is been in the market from many years. Manufactured in the USA and has an aluminum cooling fan and automatic shut off.

Mophorn Pure Water distiller

Mophorn Pure Water distiller image

  • Distills 6 gallons per day
  • Activated carbon filtration
  • Automatic shut off
  • 304 grade stainless steel
  • 4L shockproof glass container
  • 750 watt heating element

It distills water at the rate of 6 gallons per day or 1 liter per hour. There is an automatic shut off feature for safety and aluminum fan for cooling.

Precision Water DistillersPrecision Water Distillers image

These precision water distillers are perfect for one person or a small family. This type of water distiller delivers approximately one gallon of pure steam distilled water for drinking for each cycle. These water distillers are made up of mirror finishing stainless steel, this is high quality distiller which provides long life and easy for cleaning. These are built to long last for life time and carry 15 years warranty that is 2 years on parts and 15 years on stainless steel. Precision water distiller is of high quality which generally manufactured in Canada.

Solar Water Distillers

Solar Water Distillers image

Solar water distillation is the process of utilizing the energy from sunlight to get separate fresh water from other contaminants or salts. The untreated water absorbs the heat and slowly reaches the high temperature. The heat causes the water to get evaporates, cool and then condense into vapor leaving the contaminants behind. These distillers are usually found in the remote areas where there is less access to fresh water. The principles of solar water distiller are simple but yet effective as distillation replicates the way the nature gives the rain. The solar system basically works on two principles: evaporation and condensation. The minerals and salts do not evaporate with the water. Most of the stills are simple black bottomed vessels which are filled with water and topped with clear plastic or glass.

Sunlight when absorbed by the black material raises the rate of evaporation. The evaporation then trapped by clear topping and passed away. Most of the pollutants do not get evaporated so they are left behind. Most of the solar water distillers need a size about six square meters to produces the enough water for one person per day. Multiple solar distillation systems are essential for producing a large quantity of distilled water. It is less expensive and requires low maintenance. It can be used in house hold purposes and can be scaled up with programmatic approaches. There are no moving parts and no cost of energy. There is an adaptation in climate change and mitigation benefits. It doesn’t suit for larger needs. The distillation process is usually slow.


Water distillers are electric appliances that distill the water or rather completes the process of distillation. Generally, compact counter top water distillers units designed as whole house water distillers in residential or family use, or in the large floor models for commercial or industrial use. Whole house water distiller provides distilled water which is the safest and purest type of drinking water for the entire family. The process of distillation is heating the tap water until it gets evaporated. And turns into steam and then the process of condensation starts which removes bacteria, contaminants, pollutants and salts. Whole house water distillers are an affordable and safe method for treating water. Please visit Best Water Softener Reviews portal frequently to know more info on ‘All About Water Distillers’.

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