Aquasana Rhino EQ 1000 Whole House Filter System – Long-lasting & Highly-efficient!

Potable and hygienic water is crucial for good health in our day-to-day life. For clean and contaminant-free water, you certainly need a liable filtration system. Hard water consists of harsh minerals or ions, which is hazardous for our livelihood. To avoid such problems, Aquasana Rhino whole house water filtration system EQ 1000 has comprehensive solutions. It’s known to effectively filter various sediments, high chlorine reduction, elimination of lead & mercury, etc. We have bought this whole house water softener, to test its efficiency in filtering harmful substances from regular tap water. And are ready to share our Aquasana EQ-1000 review.

According to our experience, we can assure you that it has plentiful solutions to produce clean and healthy water. EQ-1000 Aquasana water softener removes 97% of chlorine from regular tap water and eliminates several types of contaminants. Its top tank contains KDF-55 (a mixture of 45% zinc and 55% copper) to enhance pH and reduce heavy metals. After that, its bottom tank consists of a carbonized shell kind of medium to reduce VOCs and synthetic chemicals. This 10-year filter system renders the same flow rate and water consumption of 7 gallons per unit.

After passing through four stages of filtration, it provides you clean, safe, and contaminant-free water. It has a solid built-up with no leakage problem for a long span, although this whole house softener will perform appreciably for 10-15 years approximately. It is a user-friendly model and will forefront to the significant transformation from hard water to soft water. That leads to a noticeable decrease in hydrogen sulfide smell also. Let’s head to its several beneficial features that we came across while testing.

Aquasana EQ-1000 Review for 2023 (Key Features)

1. Design, Capacity, and Easy Maintenance

Aquasana Rhino EQ 1000 has a durable and customized design. Its whole assembly consists of a 1,000,000 gallons capacity tank, 20″ pre-filter for removal of sediments. The activated carbon filter removes water-soluble minerals or heavy metals, post-filter softening water, coupling pipe of 0.75 inches, brass fittings, and shut-off valves. It is a dual-tank water softener that prevents water clogging due to an increase in water contact time. Also, cleans up your house water using the lowest micron filter to eliminate more substances.

Aquasana EQ1000 dual tank water softener is a space saver with a footprint of 9×46×69 Inches. Without creating any mess in design, it is intelligently engineered to maximize potent filtration and minimize maintenance.

This inline system is integrated into the mainline of the water supply to your home. Many pro kits have been used in its assemblage, and the installation manual is not enough for self-installation. So, installation must have to be done by expertise plumbers only, as we found it difficult. Assembly by an amateur may lead to dysfunction of the filtration system. It doesn’t require any backflushing or drainage for the removal of debris from the system. Aquasana EQ 1000 is easy to handle and maintain, includes easy replacement of pre and post filter after every 3 months to prolong its high efficiency.

2. High-performance Filter System

Aquasana premium rhino whole house filter compromises of sequential stages. That is what we found impressive while testing; each stage has a unique formula for harmful contaminants and high-soluble substances. Let us dive into its various stages of cleaning to make your water potable.

3. Sediment Pre-filter

This is the prior most step for its high-class filtration. It catches rust, silt, and sediments of medium micron size. Also, as per most of the Aquasana EQ 1000 reviews there is no need to change the sediment pre-filter frequently as it comes with great quality which ensures longevity.

4. Copper-Zinc & Mineral Stone

Chlorine in water may lead to dry skin with the formation of scaly lesions on your skin and harmful for health. This stage eliminates 97% of chlorine, inhibits algae & bacterial growth, and reduces water-soluble heavy metals.

Activated Carbon Filter – Regular tap water is commonly contaminated by pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, and other artificial chemical compounds, containing a high quantity of activated carbon. Hence, this particular stage reduces an adequate amount of this carbon content.

5. Post-Filtration

Reduces the remaining sediment by using a low micron filter. Remove organic particles, thereby softening the water from the hard composition. It reduces lead and Mercury content from water to several extents. Aquasana EQ-1000 whole house filter system removes fine sediments and organic particles as small as 0.35 microns.

6. Cost-Efficient & Long Lasting

Based on its customized design and filtration techniques, water softener Aquasana EQ-1000 is quite expensive but is a worthwhile deal. It cleans water for less than $0.01 for each gallon by high-performance filtration procedures. Using a filtration system of a different brand for cleaning 1,000,000 gallons would cost much more. But if you are searching for UV filtration and salt-free water conditioner, you must go for other models of Aquasana that would cost more.

Pro kits that are high-class and rust-free. Adding its long-lasting tanks but simultaneously high-quality PEX water pipes installation is not included in this model. Overall, this model is productive but is not profitable. This whole house filtration system hooks up to the whole house and in the outdoor faucets. This overall system can also work in the same manner without decay for a decade or even more.

7. Warranty

Aquasana EQ-1000 high efficiency water softener has a warranty period of 10 years from the date of purchase. After installation, it covers all types of parts replacements mentioned in the warranty list. Unfortunately, filter cartridge replacement is not covered in the warranty. The warranty even doesn’t cover damage caused by natural circumstances. Its customer services can provide you with installation instructions and a licensed plumber to get your work done by yourself too. To receive service, contact 1-866-662-6885 or for verification of product warranty. Including confirmation whether the damaged part comes under warranty or not. It renders replacement of defective parts free of cost with mandatory purchase proof.


Technical Specifications

  • Brand : Aquasana
  • Item model number : EQ-1000
  • Product Dimensions : 9 x 46 x 44 inches
  • Item Weight : 49.4 pounds
  • Size : 10 Yr, 1 Million Gl
  • Color : Blue
  • Warranty Description : 10-year limited warranty
  • Flow Rate : 7 GPM
  • Temperature Range : 40-90 Degrees Fahrenheit


How often do you need to change cartridges for Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000?

The need to change the cartridges depends on the supply of water given to your Aquasana EQ-1000 filter. It changes from 1 month to 12 months. Like with city water, the cartridges will usually have a longer life compared to when given well water.

Does this Aquasana Rhino whole house water filtration system EQ-1000 remove fluoride?

No, this Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000 whole house filter does not remove fluoride content, although the pre-filter lowers down its content, but not completely.

How often do you have to replace filters for Aquasana EQ-1000 water softener?

As the company recommends, the 10″ Pre-Filter and 20″ Pre-Filter both need to be changed after an interval of tie months. But 20″ x 4.5″ OptimH2O Pre-Filter has a bit longer life and should be replaced after 6 months.

How many bathrooms does this Aquasana water softener EQ-1000 unit accommodate?

As per our analysis, the number of bathrooms does not matter. We found the same pressure on three Aquasana EQ-1000 filters placed in three different bathrooms, which means it depends on the number of gallons used.


Here, we’ve come to the end of our experience with Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000 whole house softening system. We found this filter a productive and effective water softener as it has a high-performance filtration system using specific stages based on the type of contaminants. Aquasana EQ-1000 has KDF, i.e., Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, which creates an electrochemical reaction to control scale on internal plumbing. It reduces the smell of hydrogen sulfide and gives a delicious taste of water. The high-class filter soaks heavy & water-soluble metals and removes harmful salts like lead, mercury, etc. Further, it drains activated carbon from the water and eliminates > 97% of chlorine, which can damage your skin and hairs as well. A special feature that we found useful and different from other Aquasana EQ-1000 alternatives, which take care of the further presence of cysts and organic particles even after passing through prior three more stages.

Moreover, Amazon Aquasana water filter has easy maintenance. That is something that gives an edge to this filter over others. It Includes easy replacement of pre and post filters after every 3 -6 months based on the level and source of water supply. The Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000 whole house filtration system has the best and well-customized design compared to any filter model so-far we have tested. Apart from this system, NSF is certified and further assures us that it is a reliable filter to produce potable water. Hope this Aquasana EQ-1000 review helped you to choose the right one for your whole house.

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