Aquasana Rhino Water Filter 1,000,000 Gal – Now every faucet in your home tastes clean water!

If you are looking for a whole house filter system with several stages of filtration, then Aquasana Rhino 1,000,000 gallon has a complete and unique solution to clean highly contaminated water. As it is known to be effective in filtration & softening, we have bought in this whole house filtration system cum softener to test its efficiency in water filtration and all other features. Here in our Aquasana Rhino 1000000 Gallon review, we will share our experience with this unit.

After testing this product, we can assure you that the Aquasana water softener has a complete solution for cleaning water and improving its taste. This filtration system has sequential stages. It filters out impurities like- artificial chemicals, sediments, VOCs ( Volatile Organic Chemicals) from water. Apart from that, it also converts hard water, containing a high-quantity of Calcium & Magnesium salt, into soft water, which is appropriate for drinking.

And most importantly, it reduces 97% of chlorine from water, which is unhealthy for our body, and reduces body exposure to it, which may cause scaly lesions. Its assemblage consists of a Sediment pre-filter, water conditioner to remove scales from water, copper-zinc, and mineral stone filter, which removes chlorine, water-soluble heavy metals, and artificial chemicals. This filtration system has a strong and well-customized assembly that performs an average of 10 years, much appreciated to Aquasana variety of filters to have long-span performance. Now, go through its amazing features.

Aquasana Rhino 1000000 Gallon Review 2023

1. Design and Flow Rate

We found that this new Aquasana Rhino 1,000,000 gallons whole house filter comes with an intelligent, user-friendly design. It’s smartly engineered provides a potent filtration media, which is efficient and long-lasting too.

As per our Aquasana Rhino whole house filter reviews, it is further confirmed that this filter also has a unique up-flow, dual tank design. The Upflow method is among the best filtration method for contaminant grabbing, with increased water contact time.

You can easily update your Aquasana Rhino 1,000,000 gallons filter with Pro Grade Install Kit to professional grade. That includes –

  • Brass fittings: Simple installing and designed to maintain over time.
  • 20″ Pre-filter: 2X Longer life than normal 10″ pre-filter.
  • Post-filter: Intelligently designed to reduce left-out organic particles and sediments.
  • Shut-off valves and Bends Support: Provides a bypass loop to make filter changes easy.
  • Aquasana Rhino 1,000,000 gallons water filter has a flow rate of 7GPM in its all three types base unit, conditioner, and copper-zinc filter.

2. Different Filtration Stages

Aquasana whole house water filter system Rhino productively uses an extraordinary formula of high-potency, contaminant-grabbing media, and filtration. To make water contaminant-free and healthy & tasty to drink. While testing, we found its technology in cleaning water impressive and unique from other models. It uses the required part of the filtration system based on the impurity-type and eventually produces potable and hygienic water to every faucet at your house. The stages we came across while testing is –

  • The pre-filtration method removes sediments, rust, silt, and other water-insoluble particles before it goes into the water softener.
  • Salt-free water softener allows water to pass through a catalytic media, which converts the hard water into soft by transforming calcium and magnesium into the inert crystal.
  • Copper-Zinc and mineral stone filtration has a bacteriostatic blend that reduces >97% of chlorine, inhibits algae & bacterial formation, water-soluble heavy metals, and scales from water.
  • Activated Carbon Filter consists of activated carbon, which removes artificial chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, other chemical compounds, etc.
  • Post-filtration removes further remaining organic particles and small size, i.e., 0.35 microns sediments from water.

3. Descale and Salt-free Technology

Aquasana SimplySoft system uses SCM salt-free technology that safely and naturally reduces scale build-up in internal pipes without using any harsh chemicals or salt. We found this part according to our satisfaction because using salt in many other filtration models causes electrical connection problems. Also, using salt-free technology left us free from worrying about the drainage of wastewater. After passing through the softener, salt (magnesium and calcium) transforms into an inert crystal, forming scale build-up and corrosion inside the pipe. But conditioner and SCM technology prevents crystallized mineral or salt-scale build-up in the pipe-system and prevents spot or stain formation.

Aquasana salt free water softener removes calcium and magnesium salt by replacing them with sodium. This step is followed by an ion-exchange resin that alters magnesium and calcium molecular structure from a divalent ion to a univalent ion, making the water soft.

4. Easy Maintenance and Long-lasting

Aquasana Rhino 1,000,000 gallons whole house water purifier comes with low maintenance tanks. We tested and found that low maintenance tanks don’t require any additional discharge of wastewater or disposal of particles that have been absorbed by contaminant-grabbing media. Also, SCM technology has been used in its conditioner to avoid corrosion or scale build-up. Due to which monthly cleaning or time to time replacement is not essential.

Apart from that, this best whole house water softener has a longer life filter. The 10″ Pre-filter has a lifespan range from 1 to 3 months, next to this it’s the 20″ Pre-filter, which has a lifespan range from 2 to 3 months. The water conditioner used in this filtration system doesn’t need any replacement for up to six years, while the main chemical filter lasts ten years. However, there’s no need to replace the optional submicron postfilter within 12 months. Moreover, the filter is NSF certified for removing 97% of chlorine content from water for ten years or 1,000,000 gallons.

5. Warranty

Aquasana Rhino whole house water filter has an overall ten years of warranty from the day of purchase. It’s important to note, however, that its warranty doesn’t cover filter cartridges. Every part of the filtration system has a predefined life span and based on that. The replacement has to be done by the customer. Apart from that, Aquasana has 27×7 customer service to clarify your doubts related to the warranty or product. This brand’s additional manual and warranty information is lucid, which mentions all circumstances that have to cover up by warranty.

Apart from that, its set-up manual renders you with professional plumber details to assemble it without consuming the extra space. We found it very complicated and difficult because its assembly instructions are only understandable by a professional plumber. Because it consists of several parts which have fitted at the proper place. It has to be demonstrated by professionals as carelessness may lead to unstoppable leakage and dysfunction of the water system.


Technical Specifications

  • Manufacturer : Aquasana
  • Part Number : THD-1000-BUNDLE
  • Product Dimensions : 20 x 10 x 48 inches
  • Item Weight : 123456
  • Style : 1,000,000 Gal plus Water Descaler
  • Warranty : 10-year limited warranty
  • Capacity : 1,000,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate (GPM) : 7
  • System Operating Temp Range : 40-90 F


Does water softener Aquasana 1,000,000-gallon Rhino remove bacteria that causes rotten egg smell in well water?

Yes, the rotten egg smell is not due to bacteria rather caused by hydrogen sulfide. A green sand filter of this Aquasana Whole home water softener is used to alleviate such smell from water.

Does this Rhino Aquasana salt-free water softener System come with filters?

Yes, this Aquasana Rhino Simply Soft water softener system comes with a pre-filter. You can also add a post-filter for deep and long-lasting purification included in the additional “Pro-Kit.”

Does this Aquasana Rhino filter include UV water sterilization?

No, this Aquasana Rhino 1,000,000 gallons water filter does not include UV water sterilization. But if you wish, you can add this UV water sterilization feature at an additional cost.


So, we’ve arrived at the end of our 1,000,000 Gallon Aquasana Rhino review. After testing, we can assure you that it’s an excellent solution to the filtration of dirty and highly-contaminated water. It uses different filtration stages, each with a different formula of contaminant-grabbing media, high-potency, and filtration. Tap water passes through different filtration stages like Pre-filtration, salt-free water softening, Copper-Zinc & mineral filtration, and filtration using activated carbon for absorption.

Apart from that, it has easy maintenance with a high-tech conditioner to prevent scale build-up. It also removes the rotten egg smell from the tap or well water and gives a fresh feel while taking a shower or drinking. Finally, we would suggest doing well-versed research before buying any product as most of the time, manufacturers or brand people make false claims based on their products. We hope you find our Aquasana Rhino 1000000 Gallon review helpful as it’s the best of our knowledge. If you are looking for the best water softening system for sale on Amazon, you can go for this as it is available for affordable price only.

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