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Aquasana Rhino Well Water Softener Review 2020

There might be many of you whose main source of water is from Municipality. But I also know a few people who have their own private well which acts their primary source of water in their house. However, having your own private source of water is great but as it is well water do you how many large amounts of mineral and other chemicals it might dissolve in it all the way up? As you might already know that underground water is a hard water as the minerals present there are water soluble and they easily dissolve in water as it passes them by. Even, though mineral water is considered good for health in some aspects but it could do harm in more ways than it could do good. There are some very high intensity minerals are present in the water in large amounts which can be very harmful for you in many ways.

For instances, it can harm your silverware and glassware, make your skin and hair dry and drier with every use of hard water and not only that hard water can also shorten the life of your clothes & laundry while harming your floors, taps and so much more. You needn’t worry because at this point of time water softener will come for your rescue and save the life around your house. Now, water softening is a technique which will remove all the minerals from your water both the harmful and even the important ones. But many water softeners and R.O systems have a filter to remineralize the water with all the important minerals once the harmful minerals and the hardness of the water is dealt with. 

Aquasana Rhino Well Water softener is as the same suggests a well water softener which could be installed in your well and then, it will give you pure mineral water everywhere in your house after. In today’s article, we are providing Aquasana Rhino Well Water softener review for you with all its qualities, cons and other significant information. 

Aquasana Salt Free Water Softener FEATURES

Aquasana Well Water Rhino is sold by an established brand Aquasana keeping in mind the need of soft water for people and customers for whom the primary source of water comes from well. It could be disastrous to have hard water in your house, ruining everything around them from your health to your plumbing pipes. To safe yourself from the forthcoming disaster you should be ready with a weapon to fight it. And, here your weapon will be very carefully designed well water softener which will remove all the harmful chemicals and excessive minerals from the water removing all the hardness and giving you a better & enhanced version of water to use.

Aquasana Salt Free Water Softener has three to four pre-filters, a post filter, and finally a Ultra Violet filter. The water which reaches you goes through various secured filtration to give the best quality possible even after removing all the excessive minerals, in which process the healthy minerals are also removed from the water. First, the water goes through the pre sediment filter which helps remove the rust, silt and sediment present in the water. Then, the water is passed into salt free water conditioner which doesn’t allow a scale to be built up or allow it to harm the environment. Thirdly, the water passes through copper zinc mineral stone filtration which reduces all kinds of harmful chemicals present in it and stops growth of algae and fungi. Fourthly the water passes through the activated carbon filter to reduce the pesticides and the chemical compounds from the water, if present. In the second last stage, which is post filter stage which will remove & reduce if any sediment is left behind by the first four stages. And, finally UV filter which will further help you protect your water from growth of algae or any other kind of viruses in your water.

Aquasana Rhino 6-Stage Softener comes with very unique and powerful feature of a Ultra Violet filter within the water softener system. The very strong ultraviolet filter in the last helps to keep away algae, fungi and other possible viruses that might attack the water. It will keep your water safe and give you an improved experience of well water. After going through five complex stages, at last the water passes through this last stage and protects it against all the viruses and harmful chemicals.

Aquasana Rhino Best Salt Free Water Softener offers numerous amounts of the health benefits for you and for people you care about. First of all, you will be able to drink health water which won’t harm you at all. Moreover, it will make cooking easier, clothing easier and life of clothes longer and uses less detergent to wash them. The soft water will leave your skin softer and your hairs smother and healthier as it will reduce all the harsh and harmful chemicals from the water. At last it doesn’t allow the air to be contaminated from the chemical compounds from the water and gives you purer air to breath in. 

Aquasana Rhino clean water machine like most of the water softeners and R.O systems do, won’t replace the minerals chemically to demineralize your water, or later to again remineralize it with healthier minerals. It doesn’t use any chemical salts to purify your water which could harm your environment. It doesn’t even require electricity to run or complicated filter replacements. It a great product which doesn’t require every now and then maintenance. 

Aquasana Clean Water Machine does the job perfectly of cleaning the water of all the harmful chemicals and all the hardness present in the water. It turns the excessively unhealthy water into a health water which as numerous health benefits as mentioned above. Aquasana Rhino Water Softener gives a great performance and has been praised by its reviewers all around the world for its quality service and an amazing performance for improving the water quality of their houses. 

Aquasana Rhino Water Softener SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Product Water Number
Product Dimension
20 x 10 x 48 inches
Product Weight
80 Pounds
Not Electric
500,000 Galloons





Does Aquasana Rhino Well Softener remove bacteria that cause rotten egg smell in well water?

Yes, Aquasana Rhino Well Water Softener sterilizes 99.99% of bacteria by the UV filtration method.

Does the Aquasana Rhino Well Water Softener System come with filters?

You get filters with this Aquasana Rhino Well Water Softener system, and they also have ultraviolet filtering functions.

Does Aquasana Rhino Well Water Softener filter include UV water sterilization?

Yes, the filters of Aquasana Rhino Well Water Softener have an ultraviolet Sterilization system.

Does Aquasana Rhino Well Water Softener remove salt from the water?

Yes, Aquasana Rhino Well Water Softener removes salt from water and avoids the build up of corrosion and scale.

Will the softener of the Aquasana Water machine still work, if we don’t change the filters but wants it to soften the hardness present in the water?

It is not only a water softener, the product is a great water filtration system which removes all the impurities and harmful chemical compounds present in the water.

Where does the Aquasana water softener is to be installed? Is there a specific place they tell, or can we install it wherever you like?

Ideally the Aquasana Well Water machine needs to installed at the place where the water enters your house. In simpler terms, the primary source of water which runs in your households.

How much Gallons water it can filter in a day?

It can easily filter 50 Gallons of water in a day or more depending on the amount of chemicals and minerals present in the water.


Aquasana Salt Free Water Softener is a very specifically designed and engineered Well water softener. As we talked before your well water is fully contaminated of harmful chemicals which you destroy your house plumbing, clothes, health and even contaminate the air you are breathing. This model has been built especially for well water keeping in mind the high intensity minerals present in the water of large amounts and provide you the best quality of water with all the restored minerals good for your health and home in all. All the good water softeners out in the market not only remove the excess of hardness of minerals present in the water from the water such as high levels of calcium and magnesium which can result into bathroom scum and slimy. 

The 4 pre filter make very sure to remove the all the chemicals and excess of minerals present in it. The post filter re-asses and removes if anything harmful is left with final filtration of UV Filter which further removes all the viruses and bacteria present in water. We would totally recommend you the Aquasana Whole House Water Filter as a combination of whole house and water softening system after installing which you no longer have to boil gallons of water or buy bottled mineraloid water anymore. This product doesn’t require high maintenance and is very cost effective in its filtration process. 

Aquasana Rhino 6-Stage Softener for Sale: It is uniquely designed water filter and softener for well-water sources as the primary source of the water entering your house. The water goes through total six stages of filtration before it reaches you to remove the excess of harmful minerals and then viruses and bacteria present in the water. It offers many health and other household benefits. It doesn’t require high maintenance; it is very cost effective and is very affordable with all the features that it offers to its users and customers. 

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