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Culligan RVF-10 Level 1 RV Water softener Review 2020

The Culligan RVF-10 level 1 RV water softener is a filtration method designed especially for RVers. This water softener is an outer in-line system that should be installed outside the RV, straight in the middle of the water supply and the water hose.  Culligan exterior RV drinking water filter is very easy to install and it has the feature of functioning on any type of RV, without worrying about the place to install. This Culligan RV water softener effectively improves the odor and taste of the water by reducing the chlorine content and take out the contaminants and sediments. 

The product’s design is extremely durable and sturdy; this sturdy structure also helps in bringing the water a better taste and the durable structure makes sure that the storage tank is clean and fresh but little cleaning part will be on your part.  It’s pretty clear how easily this unit can be installed with its slim design and the pipe fitting kit that comes along with the product while purchasing. This product is also provided with a manual where everything is explained in detail step-by-step procedure. Before considering it to your house, check out complete Culligan RVF-10 Level 1 RV Water Softener Review below.

Culligan Exterior RV Drinking Water Filter FEATURES

As the Culligan RV water softener does not have a bracket, there is a free mounting choice to keep the device in the bucket. The hoses present on either side of the unit will hold it in a exact position easily. What else needed, clearly this water softener is amazing for home and many customers reported as a great product on Amazon. 

This is just a pre-tank filter for Marine and RV use. The design of Culligan RVF-10 makes it perfect for the outer filtration of water for the RV and helps you in enjoying the tasty water and a fresh storage tank. The hosepipe fitting kit permits you to install the pre-tank filter easily.  It removes bad odor, taste as well as sediments. This water softener is included with a D-15 level-1 primary filtration cartridge. The granular stimulated carbon filter decreases the chlorine odor, taste, and sediment. The hose of 1 feet fastener hastily to RV and the life of cartridge will stay for up to 250 gallons. 

Hooking up this softener is easy and takes only a few minutes to setup. Here are a few instructions to be followed to hook a filer. 

  1.  Start the process by wrapping the 3/8 inches fitting on the female hosepipe adapter with Teflon tape which is already given; screw this fitting into the inlet port of the system. Tighten it firmly using the wrench.  Never try to over tighten, one thread should always remain noticeable when you tighten the fittings. 
  2. To avoid any damages, place the unit between the two hoses. The small hose is used to connect the outer part of the filter to the inlet of the storage tank. A sanitary hose is used to hook up the water spigot to the filter inlet port.
  3.  Before you start running the water through the Culligan RV water softener into the tank, swill out any loose carbon particles out of the carbon cartridge.  At the tank, cut off the hose and turn on the water supply for exactly one minute. Again connect the hose to the tank by turning off the water supply.

Coming to usage, you have to remember two things. Firstly, you need to protect the system from cold temperatures. If not the housing might chink and began to leak.  And the second thing is that if you are not using the CULLIGAN RVF-10 Exterior RV Drinking Water Filter for a long duration then take out the cartridge and deplete the excess water. Store the cartridge only after it is dry. Don’t forget to flush before you use it for next time.  Now when the maintenance is considered, you need to change the cartridge periodically for better performance.

CULLIGAN RVF-10 Exterior RV Drinking Water Filter SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Manufacturer name
Item model number
Product Dimensions
4.8 x 4.8 x 11.8 inches
Item weight
2.6 pounds
Single unit
5 years
Cartridge capacity
230 gallons
Batteries required
Assembled diameter
4.5 inches
D-15 level 1replacement cartridge, connection kit.
Drinking water functioning
Micron rating
Product material





How much is a new Culligan RVF-10 Level 1 RV Water Softener?

Culligan RVF-10 Level 1 RV Water Softener costs around $48.95.

How to reset Culligan RVF-10 Level 1 RV Water Softener?

Culligan RVF-10 Level 1 RV Water Softener Reset process

  1. First unplug the softener power cable. 
  2. Now press and hold the "next cycle" button on the controller. 
  3. You need to hold this button down while the power cable plug is back in the power cable. 
  4. You need to continue to hold the next cycle button for 3 seconds and then release it. 
  5. Now the master reset is complete.
How to adjust Culligan RVF-10 Level 1 RV Water Softener?

Adjusting Culligan RVF-10 Level 1 RV Water Softener is easy. You need to check with the inlet and outlet. The power system should be adjusted very well. The filter should be placed correctly, and the tank should be fixed appropriately.

Does these RVF RV water filters come with a filter?

Culligan RVF-10 Level 1 RV Water Softener comes with a basic filtration cartridge. The life of the cartridge lasts up to 250 gallons.

Will Culligan RVF-10 Level 1 RV Water Softener filter eliminates the rust from water?

Yes, it removes the rust as it is a carbon filter.

Can Culligan RVF-10 Level 1 RV Water Softener hold D20 cartridge?

As it is mentioned in the instructions that the only cartridge suited for this filter is D-15, so this system cannot hold D20.

Does Culligan RVF-10 Level 1 RV Water Softener work for the water heater?

Culligan suggested this filter for either minimum temperature above freezing and maximum temperature should be below ambient temperature, so it is not recommended for water heater.


Culligan Recreational vehicle external water filter is more than worth because each part of the filter is expertise to suit all the requirements to the owners who are looking for new RV models.  Culligan Water Softener Review says that owners are overwhelmed with this filter system. This unit is presented with many features that were fine more than its functionality and its installation is very easy that tops in the list since it assures the user convenience.   It is the best portable water softener for RV because it is durable, well-made, easy, affordable, and effective in improving odor and taste, reduces the chlorine substance, removes contaminants and sediments. This unit should be placed out of the RV in any kind of weather and still gives you the best filtration; it is highly efficient and is perfect at its job and worth purchasing this softener for any RV customer. 

Culligan RVF-10 level 1 RV external water filter- ideal for RVers- removes contaminants and sediment- reduces amount of chlorine in water, improves the odor and taste- single unit- Cartridge capacity 250 gallons- durable, sturdy design, lasts long, exterior filtration- easy installation just in a minutes- includes kit and replacement cartridge-  5 years warranty. 

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