EcoPure EP31 31,000 Grain Water Softener – Works great for both Rural & Urban areas!

If we speak about the troubles caused by hard water, the list is endless. Further, resolving hard water takes more time and is usually very costly. To fix all the issues, we propose here an EcoPure EP31 water softener. That is very authentic and grounded with all the necessary features in providing us the soft water. With our personal experience, here we are presenting the genuine EcoPure EP31 review, which might help you to take the right decision.

EcoPure water softener EP31 runs very efficiently by eliminating the stains, adding life to the water-using appliances, and using a sufficient quantity of detergents for soft and bright clothes. Besides, this 31,000-grain water softener also helps make our hair and skin smooth and healthy and ensures a pleasant day. The system recruits advanced technology and regenerates the amount according to the level of hardness and the quantity of water required. After testing the product thoroughly, we determined that this system has all the solutions to this century’s hard water problems and guarantees us healthy and pure water. Using water softeners also demonstrates that the execution of water-using appliances lasts longer. Talking about this product more, here we listed out some of the amazing properties of this water softener system.

EcoPure EP31 Review 2023 (Key Features)

1. Household Size

One of the most beneficial properties of the EP31 EcoPure water softening system is that it is suitable for families of 1-5+ people. This system eliminates the hardness of water and iron up to 8 parts per million (ppm). The removal of the metal, ferrous iron, invisible to our eyes in the hard water, can be easily removed through this softener.

EcoPure water softener well-structured for rural and urban areas and made for whole house soft water regeneration. It saves a large number of cleaning products, soaps, and electrical and gas expenditure. Water softener proves efficient in raising the life of water using home appliances by 30 % – 50% as per Battelle Memorial Institute’s study.

2. Protection Certification

EcoPure 31000 grain water softener is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), which provides us more assurance and safety of using this product. It works very efficiently in serving its goal of regenerating soft water. Symptoms of hard water such as stains and accumulation on faucets and plumbing can be eradicated easily.

The spotting on dishes due to hard water is reduced by using the EcoPure water softener. The NSF–certified standardizes this water softener and aids in increasing the lifespan of the appliances which use water. Certification also implies that the water hardness gets reduced below 17.1 ppm. Removal of calcium, magnesium, and iron successfully ensures us the benefit of soft water and raises homes’ performance.

3. Design

Another important feature bagged by EcoPure 31000 water softener that attracted us is that it is very easy to access and can know the instructions’ controls. It is structured with a compact space-saver single tank design, which provides a solution for easy softening of water.

The most amazing feature of this water softener is an indicator that makes us vigilant whenever the water’s salt level is low. Demand Initiated Regeneration is the most eco-friendly style, which uses sensors to check water usage and regenerates only when soft water is required. That can help greatly in avoiding the wastage of water and in protecting the environment.

4. Technology

The water softener system uses modern auto-sensing technology by evaluating the amount of salt and water needed to restore it. It only utilizes the required amount while it provides a helping hand in reducing water and salt usage. We found this inventive technology very useful in saving the water and our ecosystem.

This technology saves us from running out of water as it does not waste the water by regenerating while you are out. The needed connectors must be accessed to 110 voltages electrical outlet while installing the softener. The advanced technology grabs our attention more as it results in a large amount of saving water, nature, and energy.

5. Fit for Kenmore Replacement and Warranty

EcoPure whole house water softener acts as a successful replacement for Kenmore water softening system. This whole home water softener is of the same height as that of Kenmore and is advised to keep the old bypass valve or replace it with the new Kenmore bypass valve to get the perfect adjustment.

EcoPure water softeners give a warranty of 5 years. Also, it is suggested to clean the water softener once every 4 months. An EcoPure EPC water softener cleaner is available, which allows us to clean the softener at the recommended cleaning time. Cleaning up the system makes it more efficient to operate and terminates the building up of limescale, resulting from hard water.



  • Brand : EcoPure
  • Item model number : EP31
  • Product Dimensions : 18 x 24 x 46 inches
  • Item Weight : 82 pounds
  • Color : Dark Gray
  • Style : 31,000 Grain Softener
  • Household Size : 1-4+
  • Iron Removal : 8 parts per million
  • Hardness Removal Level : 110 grains per gallon
  • Warranty Description : 1-year (full parts and labor), 3-year (electronics), and 10-year (tank). Furthermore, if you use EPCL, the 1-year warranty extends to 5-years.


Is EcoPure EP31 31,000 Grain Softener for whole-house use?

Yes, EcoPure EP31 31000 Grain Water Softening System is for whole-house use. This system is suitable for families of more than five people in rural as well as urban areas.

How long is the warranty of EcoPure whole home softening system EP31?

EcoPure water softening EP31 comes with a warranty of five years with the recommendation of cleaning the system with EcoPure EPCL cleaner once every four months.

Is there a battery backup for the EcoPure EP31 clock, or does it need to be reset after a power outage?

There is no backup battery for the EcoPure Ep31 water softener. Once the power gets restored, the clock needs to be reset again.


These were all the details we collected while using EcoPure EP31 31,000 grain Water Softener. Calculation of the required amount of water and salt by auto-sensing technology presents this water softener as the best water saver. Flashing up of light to indicate the low level of salt is another captivating property, and NSF certification convinces us more in buying this product.

Removing the hard water problems is no more a big deal as this system comes to the rescue. Not only it provides a solution to soft water for softening hair and skin, but it also proves the best in saving nature, water, and energy. Altogether we learnt that, this best water softener from Amazon is useful for whole house applications. We expect our detailed EcoPure EP31 review directs you well.

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