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Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Review 2020

Do you want to try out a new Water Softening Technique that will soften your hard water easily? If yes, why don’t you buy an Eddy Electric Descaler Water Softener which is one of the top and Best Water Softeners that we have at present. At everyone’s home, the hard water has become a serious problem nowadays. If you live in an area where there is a heavy hard water problem, then this Water Softener System is necessary for you.

Do you know one thing, tap water is safer and tastier to drink when compared to the mineral water. Even in the tap water also chemicals such as Manganese, Calcium, Magnesium are mixing. This result is in the formation of hard water. Due to the cause of hard water, the life of home appliances such as washing machine, dishwashers and so on will reduce. So, check out the Eddy Electric Water Softener Reviews in the upcoming sections.

Water Softener Eddy Electric Descaler

Eddy Electric Water Descaler reduces the hard water level and stops internal scale build-up on the pipes. Eddy Electric is not a Water Softener. It is a Descaler device which removes the limescale from the machines such as Heaters, kettles, coffee/ washing machines, etc. When compared to the other Water Softeners, Eddy Electric is different. It uses the magnetic fields to reduce the hard water problem. It is best to buy an eco-friendly and affordable Water Softener which keeps you and your surroundings safer.

Generally, in the industries, restaurants, hotels, business fields and mainly in homes, you can use this Affordable Water Softener. For a tasty and delicious food with a lot of flavors in it, you need to soften the hard water. If you don’t want your hair get brittle and dry after shampooing, then you need to buy an Eddy Electric Descaler Water Softener. Check out the brief and detailed information regarding the Eddy Descaler.

Eddy Electric Descaler Water Softener

Eddy Water Descalers, one of the Best Electronic Descaling Device manufacturing company in the universe. Talking about the Eddy Electric, it varies from the other Water Softeners. From design to its performance, everything was entirely different in the Eddy Electronic Descaler. Firstly, the model number for the Water Softener Eddy Electric is ED6002P. It uses the magnetic fields to compete/ fight against the hard water effects or issues. Electromagnetic waves sent through the water which will remove the mineral ions such as magnesium & calcium.

The one thing that is commendable in the Eddy Electric is, instead of eliminating the minerals in water it alters the chemical state. In the name itself is Eddy Electric, i.e., it is a complete electronic device which has a 110 Volt Supply. According to the user reviews, it is the Best Saltless Water Softener. In the upcoming sections, you can check out the Water Softener Reviews such as Features, Specifications and Highs, Lows. After knowing all the information, you can get an idea about the Eddy Electric Water Softener System.


  • Cost
  • Magnetic Water Softener
  • Performance
  • Power Capacity, Size, and Weight
  • Money Returns & Warranty

The cost of the Eddy Electronic Water Softener is very affordable so that everyone can buy this. Cost is important & the deciding factor for every customer to buy the product or not. The cost of Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is $199.99. This is the cost of a water softener without expert installation. If you want to install it through experts, you need to pay a little more.

In the Eddy Electronic Device, you can see electromagnetic waves which help to combat the effects of minerals such as magnesium & calcium and also suspends the scale build-up from hard water. Except in the Eddy Electric, you cannot have the Magnetic Field in the other Water Softeners.

Eddy Electronic Descaler uses electromagnetism to reduce hard water problems. Electromagnetic Waves sent through the water to remove calcium, magnesium and other ions. So, to experience the better performance of a water softener in removing the hardness of water, use the Eddy Electric Water Softener and soften your hard water.

As it is an Eddy Electric Descaler, it entirely runs on the electronic device. It is a 110 Volt System which runs on 5 Watts correctly. In a word, the Water Softener System Eddy Electric is a lower power usage system. The Eddy Electric Descaler Water Softener Dimensions are 6.7 * 1.6 * 3.5 Inches. The weight of the Eddy Electric Water Softener is just 2 pounds. It is very compact and easy to carry.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can easily return it. Within 12 months (1 year), you can get 100 percent money back for sure. It is a fantastic feature that the Eddy Water Descalers are offering. After the cost, a customer looks for the lifetime or longevity of the product. If it lasts for an extended period then only he/she decides to buy it. Eddy Electric Salt-Free Water Softener has a lifetime repair and replacement warranty.

The seven above mentioned Water Softener Features for Eddy Electric is very important and necessary from the date of purchasing the best water softener.


Specification Name Value
Eddy Water Descalers
Item Model Number
Product Dimensions
6.7 x 1.6 x 3.5 inches
Item Weight
7.8 ounces
Life Time
199.99 Dollars
110 Volts
5 Watts
Money Back/Return Period
12 Months

Installation and Maintenance

In the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler the installation is very easy. It takes just 5 minutes to install the Water Softener Eddy Electric. You know one thing, at the time of purchasing you can have two types of prices on the amazon.com. 1) With Installation 2) Without Installation. It is easy for you to choose the 1st option while buying because the cost is affordable. Also, Eddy Electric Water Softener is a maintenance free product.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Maintenance-free
  • 12 month warranty


  • Eddy Electric Descaler Water Softener reduces limescale in home and business places
  • Easy Maintenance and inexpensive. Everyone can afford the Best Water Softener, i.e., Eddy Electric Descaler
  • Compact and Small Size
  • Within few minutes you can easily install it
  • The only one Water Softeners you will get the health benifits of drinking hard water


  • Since it is a magnetic system, it does not remove the 100% of hard water
  • Not suggested for the water hardness level of above 20 GPG. It is only designed for the hard water level of 10 GPG or below
  • Doesn’t make the water softener, it just alters the chemical state of hard water


Does Eddy electronic descaler work?

Eddy electronic descaler works without salt. It uses electromagnetic waves generated by the coils in the descaler. These waves alter the behaviour of the fluid. In a final verdict this descaler is more like a water conditioner than the water softener.

What are the variations between a Water Softener and a descaler?

Water Softener can change the chemical composition of water, but a water descaler charges the water to reduce the effect of suspended minerals. The most important benefit of a descaler is that it does not add any salt to the water, whereas Water Softener adds.

How much electricity does Eddy Electric Water Descaler use?

The power usage of Eddy Electric Water Descaler is minimal, and it runs at just 5 watts. The system is entirely electronic and runs on a 110 volt supply.

How long of a straight pipe does Eddy Electric Water Descaler need?

The length of the pipe of Eddy Electric Water Descaler depends on your requirement, and the minimum length is around 12 feet.

How many gallons per day hard water?

This Eddy Electric Water Descaler can be used to soften approximately 300 gallons of water per day.

Bottom Line

If you want every drop of home water to be softer & purified, then you need to buy the Eddy Electric Descaler Water Softener. Once check all the Eddy Electric Slatless Water Softener Reviews before going to bring it to your home. Stay healthier and increase the lifetime of your home appliances with the help of Water Softener, i.e., Eddy Electric Descaler.

To see the improvement in your hair and skin, get this Eddy Electronic Water Descaler. Though it is an alternative for Water Softener it works effectively with zero maintenance. Overall, it is a No salt unit that retains healthy minerals in your water.

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