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Fleck 9100SXT Water Softener Review 2020

Do you want to soften your hard water that presents in your home? If yes, you need a best dual tank water softener to remove the hard water problems at your nearby surroundings. It is none other than Fleck 9100SXT Water Softener, yes this Fleck dual tank water softener is waiting for you to soften the hard water. It means it will help you in completing the works such as cooking, dish washing, floor cleaning, clothing and so on.

If your water contains few mineral ions such as calcium and magnesium, then it is the indication of Hard Water. Buy Fleck 9100 Water Softener of 96,000 Grain Capacity to avoid the severe hard water issue that you are facing. For home, offices, and industries, these Water Softeners are very helpful. Check out the Water Softener Fleck 9100 SXT Reviews in the upcoming sections for an easy and clear understanding.

Best Twin Tank Water Softener - Fleck 9100 SXT

You can gain a lot of advantages through Fleck 96000 Grain Water Softener. Are you excited to know the benifits? Firstly, you can easily remove calcium & magnesium through the ion-exchange process by using sodium (SALT). Next, it reduces the lime scale build-up on the household appliances such as washing & coffee machines, dishwasher, etc. that use the water content most. Water Softeners also gives the purified drinking water.

For cooking also you need a clean and soft water to make delicious and tasty food. With the help of Water Softener, you can soften your skin being dry. Not only the skin but also removes the dryness of hair after shampooing. Of all the Water Softener Brands, Fleck is the no.1 and Best Water Softener in the world.  To get beneficial in these many ways, you need to purchase the Fleck 9100SXT Water Softener. When are you going to get this to your home? Pals, Hurry up and be the no.1 in purchasing the Water Softener Fleck.

Fleck 9100sxt Dual Tank Water Softener for Sale

Fleck, one of the most famous and the Best Water Softener Brands that we have at present, i.e., There are huge no.of varieties that Fleck Company releases. Few models of them are 5600, 7000. The new and latest model in the Fleck Water Softener is 9100. The Fleck 9100 SXT designed with the highest grain capacity of 96,000. This Water Softener has a 24/7 SXT Digital LCD Control Display and Touch Pad Controls for simple set-up along with the On-Demand Flow Meter to measure the water.

Fleck 9100SXT has a continuous flow rate of 20 GPM (gallons per minute). It reduces the scale build-up or fixtures and also decreases the soap usage to improve the efficiency. It means it uses the required amount of soap water for dish washing, clothing, bathing. 9100 Fleck Water Softener contains 3 Cubic Feet High Capacity Resin in each tank which can remove 96,000 grains of hardness level in the water. You know one thing, Fleck 9000 Water Softener has an easy DIY Installation. Beneficiate in these many ways by softening the hard water through Water Softener System, i.e., Fleck 9100 SXT.

fleck 9100 sxt FEATURES

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Capacity
  • Control Panel
  • Warranty

To buy a product, it is necessary for everyone to know about the cost. Few people look for the cost and few for the quality of the product. If they are okay with the cost then only they think to purchase it. Coming to the Fleck Water Softener, the cost of 9100 SXT is $1,599.00. If you want to install it with the help of experts then the cost will be increased a bit.

Fleck Water Softener Manufacturing already created a top position in its quality and performance. Coming to the quality of this Water Softener Fleck 9100 SXT, the Control Head is designed for the Fiber Reinforced Polymer Valve Body Choice along with a connection Rough Brine Tank & Safety Float Dual Tanks. I am giving 5/5 for Hard Water Softener Fleck 9100.

Its performance starts with the Ion-Exchange Process which eliminates the excess of calcium, magnesium and other chemicals that cause hard water. That’s why the Fleck is known as the Best Water Softener Systems. Also, about the fleck twin tank 9100 Performance, there are a wonderful Water Softener Reviews on the amazon.com. For reference, you can check out those reviews to get more idea about its working and performance.

Of all the models in the Fleck Water Softeners, 9100SXT manufactured with a higher grain capacity of 96,000. Not only the Grain Capacity but also the water flow rate is high in the Fleck 9100SXT Water Softener. It means the flow rate of 96000 grain water softener is 20 GPM (gallons per minute).

It has a Digital LCD Display, and touchpad controls for easy and simple setup which provides maximum efficiency and for easy programming. LCD Display is the 24/7 SXT Controlling System, and also it has an On-Demand Flow Meter measures and regenerates based on the usage of water. And Also fleck 9100sxt installation is too easy, you can easily complete it without any technician. 

In the 9100 Fleck Water Softener, there are two types of Warranties. First, a five year life period for Control Head and a ten years lifetime for a Tank. Also, there is a 30- Days Trial Period for the product. If you don’t like it, there is a chance to return the fleck 9000 twin tank water softener.

fleck 9100sxt dual tank Softener SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Item Model Number
Product Dimensions
14 x 14 x 65 inches
Item Weight
53 pounds
almond Or Black
Resin Tank Size
14 * 65
5 years for Control Head, 10 Years for Tank
Grain Capacity
Flow Rate
20 Gallons per Minute
High Capacity Resin
3 Cubic Feet
Trial Period
30 Days

Fleck 9100sxt Installation

​The installation for the Fleck 9100 SXT Water Softener is very easy. With the help of detailed instructions that are mentioned in the Fleck Water Softener Manual, you can install it by yourself. That’s why in the Water Softener System Fleck 9100SXT DIY Installation is possible

Benefits of Using Fleck 9100sxt Dual Tank Water Softener

  • Decreases the efficiency of soap that you used for washing, bathing, and cleaning.
  • Softens the skin and smoothen the hair after shampooing.
  • Make the dishes, silverware, glassware, mirrors, tiles look whiter and shinier.
  • Increases the life time for the home/ household appliances such as coffee/ ice makers, washing machines, water heaters and geysers with the help of Water Softening System.
  • Save money on the repairs that are happened through the hard water.


  • Most Efficient
  • High Flow
  • Easy to install
  • Dual Alternative Tanks


  • Highest Grain Capacity available in Fleck 9100SXT Water Softener, i.e., 96,000
  • Has a continuous flow rate of 20 GPM (gallons per minute)
  • Fleck Water Softener Company offering a 30 Days Trial Period for your satisfaction
  • Easy DIY Installation


  • Fleck Dual Tank Water Softener is a little bit expensive


Refer this fleck 9000 water softener reviews before going to buy the Water Softener for home. If you get irritated in cleaning the Iron Strains that occurs on your bathtubs, wash basins then immediately purchase the Fleck 9100 Water Softener. Buy a Best Water Softener, i.e., Fleck 9100 SXT and provide a Salt-Free Soft Water for your children and entire family members

All-together Fleck 9100SXT Water Softener is the most efficient system that can even treat the high hardness of the water. Dual Tank of it make sure that you never run out of soft water. Buy this whole house water softener system at the best price on Amazon.

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