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Durawater Fleck 5600sxt Iron Pro Fleck Water Softener Review 2020

Are you looking for the Iron Pro Fleck Water Softener to eliminate massive hard water problem permanently? If yes, you need to soften your hard water by removing the minerals such as calcium, magnesium. This issue is becoming a serious problem in everyone’s home nowadays. That’s why the concept of Water Softening Technique introduced by inventing a Water Softener.  Buy the Best Water Softeners, i.e., Fleck Softener to get away from the hard water causing issues. I think you had so much of loss for your home appliances due to the hard water.

Through the Ion Exchange process, you can remove the chemicals such as Calcium, Magnesium and other minerals with the help of Water Softener Fleck Iron Pro. In the Industrial, Business areas and also in the restaurants you can see the use of Water Softener the most. Not only Iron Pro Fleck Softener a good Softener but also it acts as an Iron Filter which removes the iron stains in the taps and pipes. Before going to purchase, you are supposed to know the Iron Pro Fleck Softener Reviews. This detailed fleck 5600sxt reviews include Features, Specification, Pros & Cons so you can choose the best one easily.

5600 sxt Iron Pro Water Softener for Sale

Every disease-causing organism will show few indications before attacking your body. In the same way, you can get few indications around your home appliances. Do you want to know those signs of Hard Water? There are five major hard water issues that you have to know. Firstly, if your water smells and tastes different, then it is a hard water indication. You will reddish and iron stains on the wash basins, tiles, and bathtubs.

Next, you have a fragile and dry hair after shampooing and also the jagged and white scars on the skin after taking a shower with hard water. Mainly if your pipes get clogged (there is a scale build-up inside the pipes), then it is the major hard water issue. Not only these problems but also there is one final point, it means when you wash your clothes with hard water, it makes all your clothes very rough and scratchy. To avoid all these issues and get rid of the cause of hard water, you need to buy Iron Pro Fleck Water Softener.

Best Water Softener Fleck Iron Pro

Fleck, a famous and benchmark Water Softener Brand in the world. The quality, performance and a lifetime of all the Water Softener models make a Best Fleck Water Softener. Now the Iron Pro 48K Combination Water Softener & Iron Filter with Fleck 5600S*T is in front of you. The Fleck Iron Pro is a complete system which contains tank, control head, fine mesh resin and brine tank with an LCD Display. It has a Grain Capacity of Iron Pro giving is 48,000. The Fleck Water Softener Iron Pro Dimensions are 54 * 10 * 10 Inches.

What the attractive part in the fleck econominder 5600 iron filter is, it has an LCD Display along with the TouchPad Controls for easy access of the Water Softener. It has a flow rate of 14 Gallons per Minute (GPM). You know one thing, Iron Pro Fleck Softener has a fine mesh resin designed to keep the home appliances from getting stains. With the help of Iron Pro 48K Water Softener, you can quickly remove the Iron upto 8 ppm and also Manganese. In the upcoming section, you can get the Fleck Water Softener Features.

fleck 5600 water softener FEATURES

  • Complete System
  • Capacity
  • LCD Display & Touchpad Controls
  • Cost and Warranty

Firstly, the Iron Pro Fleck Hard Water Softener is a Complete System. It includes the tank, control head, fine mesh resin of 10″ * 54″ (high-density resin) and also the brine tank of size 15″ * 17 ” 33″ Inches. Coming to On-Demand Metered System, There is a one-meter system in the water softener fleck 5600 which is used to measure the usage of water and also regenerate if needed. This system reduces the salt utilized for hard water removal.

The capacity of Fleck Iron Pro Water Softener is 48,000 Grains with a water flow rate of 14 GPM (gallons per minute). Fleck Softener remove Iron from the water up to 8 ppm range along with the manganese. You can also pronounce this as Iron Pro 48K Water Softener too. Coming to installation, After the purchasing of the product, you can get a few DIY Instructions for the installation process. It is just like a Fleck Water Softener Manual where you can find the easy steps to install the Iron Pro by yourself without any expert.

In the Iron Pro Fleck Water Softener, you can find the Digital S*T Controller System. The LCD Display shows the status and error codes of removal of hard water and troubleshooting. Touchpad Controls allows easy access to all features and settings regarding hard water removal. The Iron Pro Combination Water Softener has a Complete Brine Tank along with the 1 Inch Stainless Steel Bypass Valve for easy in/out plumbing connection & also for servicing ability.

When compared to the Fleck 5600, 7000, 9100 and Iron Pro 2, the cost of Fleck Best Water Softener is affordable. The cost of Fleck Iron Softener is very affordable. It means the price of Iron Pro is $592.25. The Fleck Water Softener Company is giving two types of warranties for Iron Pro 48K. There is a 5-year warranty for Control Head and a ten year lifetime for the Tank. That’s why it is the Best Rated Iron Fleck Water Softener.

iron pro 2 water softener SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Item Model Number
Product Dimensions
54 x 10 x 10 inches
Item Weight
120 pounds
Black/ Diamond
Control Head – 5 Years, Tank – 10 Years
Product Name
Fleck Iron Pro 48K Water Softener
507.56 Dollars
Grain Capacity
Flow Rate
14 GPM
65 Watts
Trial Period
30 Days


  • Safety Float
  • Easy to use
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Bypass valve


  • Iro Pro Wa a Fine Mesh Resin Capacity for the removal of Iron and Red Stains on the bath ware appliances
  • LCD Digital Display and Touchpad Controls
  • Best rated Iron Water Softener according to the user reviews
  • Great and durable Warranty Period is there for the Iron Pro Fleck Water Softener
  • Known as The Affordable Water Softener, i.e., Fleck Iron Pro


  • A Little bit expensive when the installation was done with an expert


How to program Fleck 5600 SXT Iron Pro Water Softener?

First set the time to 12:01 then, Click the enter or programming button on Fleck 5600 SXT Iron Pro Water Softener to acquire your desired settings and use up and down arrows to control them.

How do I reset a Fleck 5600 sxt Iron Pro Water Softener?

First unplug the Fleck 5600SXT Iron Pro Water Softener power cable. Now press and hold the "next cycle" button. Now the reset is complete.

How to install a Fleck 5600SXTIron Pro Water Softener?

 To install Fleck 5600SXTIron Pro Water Softener

  1. Do the plumbing work for inlet and outlet
  2. Install the ring valves
  3. Assemble the brine hose
  4. Arrange the drain hose
  5. Plugin the water softener and use it
What type of salt is recommended for use in Fleck 5600 SXT Iron Pro for Iron removal?

It is always safe to follow Fleck 5600SXTIron Pro Water Softener manufacturers directions of the kind of salt to use. In general, high purity salt like diamond crystal is recommended.

What's the difference between Fleck 5600sxt 48,000g and the Pentair Fleck 5600sxt 48,000g?

Since Fleck is the manufacturer of the control valve and Pentair is the owner of Fleck. Almost they both are similar in all ways. Except for the brine tank for Fleck 5600sxt 48,000g it is 15”X34” inches for Pentair Fleck 5600sxt 48,000g it is 14”X33” inches are the dimensions for brine tanks.

Bottom Line

Every Water Softener Review mentioned in this article is very helpful for you. To get beneficial in these many ways, you need to buy the Iron Pro Fleck Water Softener. After bringing this to your home, you can get a lot of rest in cleaning your rusted home appliances such as bath-ware & kitchen sinks. Also, save your time and money in investing in the repairs.

All-together, DuraWater Fleck 5600 SXT is the best Softener that comes with an in-built iron filter. With its high grain capacity, it ensures extreme hardness removal. Furthermore, it is efficient in preventing scale build-up and lasts for years.

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