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iSpring RCC7P-AK Water Softener Review 2023

Most of the water source comes from underground, and it is a mixure of minerals like calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates and sulfates. These all ion minerals are soluble in water i.e. is to say that they will get dissolved. As a result, this hard water will affect your pipes, taps, gives a dry taste and dry skin and much more. In order to avoid all this mess, iSpring water systems will helps you with its wide range of model. One of such is iSpring RCC7P-AK Water Softener.

Yes, this Best Rated water softener RCC7p-ak, offers impressing and innovative features. It can help you change and totally enhance your experience with water. The ispring water Filter uses a softening technique for the removal of all minerals present in water. Moreover this RO Water Softener even removes the iron present in the water which is quite useful on the contrary. Installing a water softener is the best way to deal with the hardness present in your water to remove it and soften it for your use and need. This detailed iSpring RCC7P-AK Water Softener Review, will help you to know more about its features, how to use and all. Make sure to refer ispring water systems reviews to make a wise choice.


  • Sturdy Design
  • Three Filter Process
  • Water Booster Pump and Capacity
  • Alkaline Remineralization (AK)
  • Micron-Layered protection
  • Easy self installation
  • Certification

1. Sturdy Design

The iSpring Whole House Water Filter has been designed while keeping in mind the needs and preference of their customers and users across the world. It has been engineered in a way which doesn’t require large space to be installed in. The high quality material and cleaning filters are used to make it more durable and trustable water softener for clean and unhardened fully restored mineral water. The iSpring Whole House Water Filter has been given a lead-free but a very strong faucet made of brass with finishing of nickel is offered with the whole water softener system which has be used after mounting as the main source of drinking water. Moreover, the product can also be connected to coffee maker, ice maker with the use of output lines which makes your work direct and easier. The product is of white colour meaning it will easily compliment with any house, if your concerned about its looks and design.

2. Three Pre-Filtration Process

The iSpring Whole House Water Filter has been given three pre filter i.e. Carbon KDF filter (GTO), PP Sediment Filter, and lastly Carbon Block (CTO) filter. All these three kinds of filters together provide protection for the RO from the harmful chemicals such as chlorine etc by removing and reducing the harmful contaminants from it. Like most of the popular water filters and water softeners doesn’t only use CTO alone for protection but instead it uses a combination of the GAC and CTO to keep away all the harmful chemicals. It uses double shield to against any harmful chemical that might be present in water. The new filters are easily available everywhere of the standard size and doesn’t require much time & energy to be replaced.

3. Water Booster Pump and Capacity

The iSpring RCC7 6-Stage RO System has been supplied with a booster pump for conditions like when the water pressure is low (Below 40 PSI is considered as low). One thing you should know about, if you already don’t is that Reverse Osmosis i.e. RO System requires very high pressure for it to be working properly to throw out all the contamination of the water. But if the pressure if the pressure is low, the RO system won’t be able to work optimally. Here, comes the use of the booster pump at the place where the house water pressure is the lowest will completely solve the problem of low pressure while ensuring the with efficient working of the R.O System. And, the electric booster pump works so noiselessly that it can be hardly heard while its operating.

4. Alkaline Remineralization (AK)

The iSpring RCC7AK With Alkaline Remineralization, which the water after going through the initial 5 stages of the R.O System of filtering the water but the last stage is that of Alkaline Remineralization has been added to this R.O come water softener. In the process of providing the pure water the R.O system also removes the important mineral from it such as iron and others which are good for health. The AK process includes the red mineral part which helps to add the healthy minerals back in the water not just the minerals it cleared but also other healthy minerals which makes the water taste better. Also, the AK process helps to balance and neutralize the pH line of the RO system water. In simple terms, the AK filter process restores the natural Alkaline and minerals back to the water. Keeping in mind the requirement of the people it stores back the natural taste of the water.

5. Micron-Layered protection

The iSpring RO System have been very smartly given a micron layered for full protection for the RO systems membranes to last longer. It is one of the benefits of the of both the GAC and CTO filters protected by 5 micron layers as the loose carbon is considered faster & better at trapping the large amounts of harmful chemical contaminants easily and quickly. In this way both the GAC and CTO filters help allows longer life to the R.O membrane with better efficiency. Also, the filters are given with a transparent covering for the visual aid and monitoring of the filters and replace them before time to avoid any catastrophe. The R.O system doesn’t require any high maintenance but just the filters needs to be replaced which are easily available and replaceable.

6. Easy self installation

The Best Alkaline Water Filter has been given a very easy installation steps for the ease of the users and customers. As most of the people would like to install it own their own the iSpring brand keeping that in mind offers self installation for the entire R.O and Water Softener system. The installation of iSpring Alkaline Filter is not at all complex but very straight forward with an instruction manual and all the necessary parts are included in the box itself. Moreover, with that it also has simple DIY videos and technical support to help you out while installing the R.O System.

7. Certification

The products of iSpring Water Filter are reviewed and certified to remove round 99.99 percent of the harmful and injurious chemical contaminants from the water. The product has been tested on the basis of NSF/ANSI standards. Moreover, all the tanks, tubing, filter and other necessary parts are done with the FDA standards for safety and protection. All the products off this brand are certified and follow the standards of FDA and NSF, meaning you don’t have to worry about anything other than to buy the product as soon as possible and enjoy its enhanced and improved experience.



  • Manufacturer : iSpring
  • Item model number : RCC7P-AK
  • Product Dimension : 14.5 x 5.2 x 19 inches
  • Product Weight : 20 pounds
  • Type : Electric
  • Capacity : 75 Gallon water per day
  • Incoming Water Pressure : 30 PSI – 70 PSI
  • Operating water temperature range : 40 – 100 °F
  • Warranty : 1 year manufacturer warranty with life time technical support



iSpring RCC7P-AK Reverse Osmosis Water Softener has a 10 feet power cord included with it. It should be plugged and used.


The pH of the water ranges from 5 to 7 after filtration from iSpring RCC7P-AK Reverse Osmosis Water Softener.


The reverse osmosis water filtration of iSpring RCC7P-AK Reverse Osmosis Water Softener is very safe and helps to remove up to 99% of chlorine.


Hope the above iSpring Water Filter Review is helpful for you to get the best unit for your home. The iSpring is America’s number one brand known for its high performance, quality and great service. The iSpring RCC7P-AK Water Softener does the work of not one but two both R.O and Water softener with many other added features and benefits it offers. This is one of the (I’ll say again to punt an emphasis on the) “the” best Water Softener and RO System that I have reviewed till, now. I would totally ask you to for this product. It’s a great investment and if maintained nicely you never might have to buy another water softener and R.O system for a long time. Moreover, the brand gives you 1-year manufacturer warranty and 1 year money back (Yesses! You heard me right. Money. Back Guarantee.) You don’t really have anything to lose here but just to gain better and enhanced experience. The product has been given a 4.5 star out of five on the Amazon by its reviewers along with 198 rank in Filtration all over.

iSpring RCC7P-AK Boosted Performance Under Sink 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Filtration System and Ultimate Water Softener image

This Best Alkaline Water Filter of iSpring is an amazing duo of both an R.O System and a Water softener. It comes with a three pre filters from double protection from harmful chemicals along with a booster pump for better & efficient working of the R.O. The Alkaline Remineralization is an added feature in the model to restore all the healthy minerals and natural taste of the water back with all-natural alkalinity. The self-installation is pretty easy by just following the instruction. And the money back guarantee for one year is another benefit of this product.


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