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iSpring WSP-50 Or iSpring WSP-50SL Spin Down Sediment Filter – Which is Best?

To equip your entire plumbing process with sediment filters is one of the smart decisions that you can make to keep dust and debris away. The iSpring WSP series sediment filters are reusable and flushable allowing you to have a smooth and convenient water cleaning process. Though they come up with many similarities, still to help you pick up the best we have come up with a comparison of iSpring WSP-50 Vs WSP-50SL. Little but few differences help to decide the customers what will suit their needs the most.

iSpring WSP-50 Vs WSP-50SL Comparison Chart

iSpring WSP-50SL Reusable Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water FilteriSpring WSP-50SL Reusable Spin Down Sediment Filter Hot Water System Protector image
FeatureiSpring WSP-50 Reusable Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water FilteriSpring WSP-50SL Reusable Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water Filter
Dimensions3.5 x 3.5 x 9 Inches3.5 x 2 x 9 Inches
Weight1 Pounds1 Pounds
Style‎50 Micron with Siliphos ‎50 Micron with Siliphos
Mesh Pore Rating50 50
Scale PreventionNoYes
See Through HousingYesYes
Includes SiliphosNoYes
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Flow Rate20 GPM20 GPM
Suitable temperature range40 – 100 °F40 – 100 °F Suitable
Pressure Range20 – 90 PSI20 – 90 PSI
Check PriceCheck Price

iSpring WSP series 50 or 50SL Water Filter Comparison

Filtration System

The iSpring WSP-50 and iSpring WSP-50SL series come with an efficient filtration system. But the major difference that comes up is that WSP-50SL is equipped with siliphos that require replacing the filters every 3-6 months. While for wsp-5 you need to replace the filters every 12-24 months. You can get a variety of options for filters in various micron sizes. Smaller micron filters permit less through and give greater efficiency results. You can easily select the micron that best suits your need and purpose. Also, multi-stage filters can be used to get the best filtering results.


Both the iSpring reusable whole house spin down sediment water filter WSP-50 and WSP-50SL are rated with 50-micron filters and are capable enough to protect your entire plumbing system keeping all the dirt, dust, sand, and sediment away. For water with high sediment content, 50 and 100 micron screens get choked quickly. Thus, they are compatible with various sizes like 50, 100, 200, 500, or 1000 micron. Being adaptable to various sizes, the flushing and cleaning process becomes very simple.

Ease of Installation

Both the water softeners are equipped with all the necessities required for making the installation process easier. They are provided with double threads, 1-inch MNPT, and 3/4 inch FNPT on both ends. The garden hose barb fitting on the flush-out valve also aids in the installation process. Being provided with the see-through housing, visual monitoring can be done very easily. Additionally, iSpring WSP-50SL spin down sediment filter is also provided with a filter cartridge system and other installation parts making your work quite easier.


Being made of stainless steel, iSpring WSP-50 is durable and strong enough to resist any kind of wear and tear. The machine head is provided with solid lead-free brass with stainless steel mesh filter screen which can easily last for about 1-2 years. The iSpring WSP-50sl is made up of brass material that makes it stronger and durable against any kind of clogging.


Maintaining both the water softeners does not call for much effort to be made as they are flushable and reusable. You must prefer flushing them regularly, maybe daily or weekly depending on the sediment that is collected and how much it is used. Also, sometimes hardness forms a layer that clogs the filter. In such cases, simple flushing does not work well. Remove the stainless steel cartridge and clean it properly with a brush or by soaking it in vinegar. For proficient results, it is recommended to change the filters in WSP-50SL every 3-6 months and in WSP every 12-24 months.

Included Components

To make the installation process quicker and easier, both these best rated water softeners are provided with some additional components. The WSP-50 consists of a wrench and an installation manual apart from the main unit. You can look for the complete setup process very conveniently in the instruction manual. On the other hand, WSP-50sl is accompanied by a water filtration system, filter cartridge, installation manual, and parts. It aids in the overall installation process of the iSpring.


These iSpring water systems work efficiently to filter out the coarse sediment. Since they work on a flushable and reusable technology, getting rid of all the contaminants becomes easier than ever before. To get a comparative study of the iSpring WSP-50 Vs WSP-50SL going through this guide will be quite helpful. The comparison between all the major features will aid you in making a perfect choice according to your plumbing system.

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