What are Top Rated Northstar Water Softeners for Sale 2019?

If you are a housekeeper and have hard water, this can be a major problem. This is because all the glasses and dishes that come out of the dishwasher looking dirty and shower stalls that simply don’t come clean. Moreover, hard water can be irritating on the skin and just taste darn right gross. Luckily, there are many fantastic solutions like the Northstar water softener that can soften your entire home’s water supply, without costly filters or a lot of maintenance to put them operational. However there are several different varieties of water softeners offered by Northstar, that can leave some users and even professionals with questions on which water softener to have. Luckily, we have completely detailed the various types of water softeners on the Amazon in our convenient Northstar water softener review found here.


Best NorthStar Water Softener 2019

North Star water softener systems are designed to quickly and effectively strip destructive particles from the water before they reach your showers, faucets and other appliances. This process extends the life of your appliances, fixtures, water heater, and the softener itself. You can even prevent corrosion, mineral deposits, and premature malfunction easily and affordably with this North Star.

The Northstar not only has a reputation for quality water softeners, for both residential and commercial use. It is also a leader in incorporating the latest technological advancements into its product line. Both the Northstar compact cabinet and two tank water softeners have the best basic features. The Northstar water softener systems are suited for homeowners who want an efficient water softener in a single unit, that is still capable of softening an entire homes water.

Top 6 North Star Water Softeners for Sale 2019


Northstar NSC15ED Water Softener

northstar nsc15ed

The North Star NSC15ED Water Softener Cabinet Model has a 15,800 grain Capacity. Hence, this salt free water softener is perfect for smaller homes or condos. This best water softener uses an electronic demand valve system to maximize efficiency. And the fact that Northstar has an electronic demand valve system to improve the water softeners efficiency. That means it is extremely affordable to operate. Moreover, depending on the hardness of your water, the Northstar NSC15ED work for most 2 to 3 person households. Furthermore, North Star Water Softeners come equipped with many advanced features. Hence, it is mainly designed to increase the life of your water system, and reduce your energy and maintenance expenses. The Look Ahead Technology of this best water softener is an intelligent patented monitoring system that learns your water usage patterns.

The North Star NSC15ED’s “Look Ahead” also determines an accurate proportion of water and salt is needed to regenerate only the used sections of the resin beads. In the event of power failure, The North Star NSC15ED will remain on for 72 hours. This will retain all memory data. After the 72 hour reserve period, the water softener will turn off, keeping all data stored till power is restored. Moreover, there is no need to power off your North Star softener when on vacation. The device recognizes that you are not using water. Hence, will not over-generate. Pioneered by North Star, the brine water method of regeneration draws brine water into the resin tanks. Thus, enhancing the process, and greatly improving efficiency. The High Capacity Resin is the efficient and long lasting resin of its kind.

  • Look Ahead technology.
  • Super cap time keeper.
  • No worry setting.
  • High capacity resin.

  • A bit expensive.


Northstar NSC30UD Water Softener

Northstar water softener NSC30UD

The North Star NSC30UD Water Softener is designed to give water conditioning solutions with high efficiency. To achieve maximum efficiency the North Star Water Softener system uses an ultra demand valve system. This best water softener also has a demand initiated regeneration option that complies with specifications intended to lessen the amount of regenerate brine and water used in the operation. The North Star ultra demand water softener comes with an automated regeneration process, an automated control unit that makes the operation of the softener easy. This Northstar NSC30UD has an efficiency mode that allows you to chose the efficiency to operate on. It also has a super cap time-keeper that assures that the timer does not reset to its default settings in case of a power blackout. This option makes the system remains on for 72 hours retaining the memory of the recorded data.

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The North Star water softener also has a Quick Set-up feature that enables its user to set the time and the level of hardness to their desired setting. This also has a heavy duty valve with fewer moving parts. Moreover, the look-ahead features calculate an accurate proportion of salt and water needed to be regenerated. This best Northstar water softener runs on a 21 volts electricity to reduce electrical safety hazards. The Northstar NSC30UD system is also energy efficient. This Northstar ultra water softener also equipped backlit LCD screen that is easy to read and is perfect for poorly lit places. It displays time, current flow, remaining capacity in percentage, total daily and average daily usage. It has a high capacity resin with a resin bed agitator.

  • LCD Screen.
  • Electronic system profile.
  • High capacity resin.
  • Energy efficient.

  • Requires some technical skills.


Northstar NSC40UD1 Water Softener

North Star NSC40UD1This Northstar NSC40UD1 is a cabinet model water softener. That means that the water softener is specifically designed to provide better water flow rates and reduced pressure loss. The NSC40UD1 is rated at 39,000 grains and is ideal for medium sized homes with moderately hard water problems. Moreover, this best rated water softener includes a Backlit LCD display, all of the standard Northstar highlights in a compact single water softener. However, all of the features and operation of the North Star can be controlled using the LCD display located on the top of the water softener system. Hence, providing the homeowner with an energy efficient water softener, that can tackle even the toughest hard water. This Northstar Ultra Demand Water Softener NSC40UD1 has got all the above-mentioned options that are found in a Northstar softener system.

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However, this NSC40UD1 includes a back-lit LCD, where you can be provided with a lot of information like the level of hardness, a flow of water, daily usage, regeneration time, etc. The dimension of this salt free water softener is 52 x 20 x 20 in inches. The North star NSC40UDI Ultra Demand Water Softener weighs about 120 pounds. This best water softener system has got a capacity of 39000-grain handling. Also comes with a one year warranty, for the failure of the complete system. Moreover, the Northstar Water Softener has got the good response regarding the working of the unit. NSC40UDI has been found to be an excellent performer. There is also an efficiency selector mechanism that lets you choose the efficiency level you want to have for the processing.

  • Good performance.
  • Nice warranty.
  • Can tackle the toughest hard water.
  • Compact design.
  • LCD display.

  • A bit expensive.
  • Less technical support.


Northstar NST30UD Water Softener

Northstar NST30UD

The Northstar NST30UD Water Softener is equipped with a Look Ahead mechanism. This option helps in making predictions about the performance of the Northstar Water Softener. Also, the primary purpose of this Look Ahead mechanism is to make an assessment of the water quantity being used by a family. This way it helps in saving a lot of water required during the regeneration process. With the efficiency selector of this Northstar NST30UD, you can set the level of effectiveness that you prefer. This will mainly depend on the amount of the water to be treated. If you got a huge amount of water, fix the efficiency factor to high efficiency. Moreover, the diagnosis part feature of this NST30UD lets you check the overall condition and some statistics of the system. You also have this ability to check for the previous processes that have been performed by Northstar Water Softener.

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Moreover, you can also check if any issue is existing with the mechanical components of this Northstar Water Softener NST30UD. You have also got a feature of setting up the softening level that you wish for and the right time for the process of regeneration to be performed. The designing part of the Northstar NST30UD is small but long-lasting one. There is lining done within the two tanks, that keeps them firm and stable for a long time. However, the diagnosis feature of the Northstar Water Softener system lets you keep track the performance of your Northstar water softener system. There is a resin bed inside the water softener system, that keeps moving thus keeping the Northstar free of dirt or iron getting deposited into the unit.

  • Good design.
  • Diagnosis feature.
  • Resin bed.
  • Energy efficient system.
  • Increases water heater efficiency.

  • Expensive.


Northstar NST45UD1 Water Softener

northstar nst45ud1

The North Star NST45UD1 Water Softener is a Two-tank Model with 45,100 Grain Capacity. This best water softener gives Ultra Demand High Flow. Moreover, the Northstar ultra water softener reduce your hard water problems, and extend the life of your instruments all in one easy step! However, hard water can create many problems, from creating deposit build-up on pipes, appliances, fixtures and your water heater. Installing a North Star NST45UD1 Water Softener can reduce deposits in your water system tremendously. Hence, preventing premature damage to your devices, and also providing more comfortable shower water, clean drinking water and spot-free dishwashing. Moreover, these North Star NST45UD1 conditioning systems improve your quality of life, comfort, and health while reducing your maintenance and repair expenses.

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The North Star NST45UD1 has a 45,100Grain Capacity and can service a household of 5 to 6 people with a water hardness level of 3 to 20 grains. For households with more people, a larger water softener may be needed. The compact size of the North Star NST45UD1 water softener takes up less than 4 sq ft of floor space. Even though it is powerful enough to manage your whole household water usage. In the event of power failure, The North Star water softener NST45UD1 will remain on for 72 hours and can retain all memory data. After the 72 hour reserve period, the water softener turns off. Hence, keeping all data stored till power is restored. So, there is no need to power off your North Star softener when on vacation. The Northstar can recognize that you are not using water, and cannot over-generate.

  • No worry setting.
  • High capacity resin.
  • Look ahead technology.
  • Good grain capacity.
  • Gives spot free dishes.
  • Backlit LCD Display.

  • Need technical qualifications.


Northstar NST70UD1 Water Softener

North Star NST70UD1

The NorthStar NST70UD1 Water Softener is a two-tank device that makes installation easier than bulky single-tank water softeners. The compact footprint of the NorthStar water softener NST70UD1 saves space, overcomes maintenance. This best rated water softener also cuts your expenses on machine repairs or repairs to your household plumbing. On average, North Star water softeners pay for themselves in a matter of years through savings on repairs, and maintenance. However, North Star is the world’s leading manufacturer of water softeners, having over 85 years experience in the industry. North Star manufacturer residential and commercial water softeners, putting the same technology as a large commercial device, in the compact size designed for your home. The North Star NST70UD1 has 70,000 Grain Capacity and can service larger households where smaller systems do not suffice.

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The NST70UD1 Northstar water softener can remove deposits from a standard flow of 14 gallons per minute. However, it is typical for up to 8 people with water hardness rating of over 20 grains. Look Ahead feature of this water softener is the intelligent patented monitoring system that actually studies your water usage patterns; becomes more efficient as it learns. The North Star NST70UD1’s “Look Ahead” measures an accurate proportion of salt and water required to regenerate only the applied sections of the resin beads, preserving your salt and water. In the result of power failure, The North Star NST70UD1 can remain on for 72 hours and can retain all memory data. After the 72 hour reserve period, the Northstar will turn off. There is no need to power off your NorthStar softener when on vacation, the water softener system will recognize that you are not using water.

  • Retains all memory data.
  • Most efficient.
  • Long lasting resin.
  • Reduces electrical safety hazards.
  • Good quality.

  • Cost of the Water softener is very high.

How to choose a Best Water Softener?

Some areas of the USA houses are mostly influenced daily by hard water. Hard water merely means there is too much mineral sum in the water. This can make it difficult to clean. The minerals are also associated to deposit scale within the pipes that cause clogging. Actually, Water softening is a method where calcium and magnesium are altered, removed or replaced. Home filtration systems are also available but can be costly. Many go with less expensive home water softener systems. To work, most softening units connect right at the water source.

So, you have decided to dive in and buy your very first water softening system. Congratulations! You already took the first step towards providing your family with a healthier, softer water alternative by just considering this new effort! Now, onto more pressing matters like what to consider when choosing a system and selecting a water conditioning company to handle your installation.

Things to consider

Single and Twin Cylinder Water Softeners

Our range of water softeners includes single and twin cylinders, depending on your requirements. Single cylinder water softeners regenerate to assure that you have soft water at peak times. They are available in mains and battery-powered water softeners and require table salt. The size depends on the number of people in the house. These water softener systems come with a 3-year parts guarantee and a one-year labour guarantee.

Twin cylinder models are meter controlled and regenerate on demand which takes around 10 minutes. Hence, you have an uninterrupted supply of soft water. These water softener systems use block salt that comes in 8kg packs. These water softener systems come with at least a two-year guarantee, while some have ten year guarantees.

Take salt content into consideration

Water softeners need salt to operate and charge your system. They operate based on an ion exchange between calcium and magnesium, and sodium, that is responsible for softening your water. However, water softener salt can be pricey, and a high sodium in your water can also be unsafe for family members who need to maintain the salt intake low. In either case, you need to look for an option that requires less salt to operate, that is usually more efficient as well.

Salt-based Ion Exchange Systems

This is the most regular type of water softening system. For water softeners, an ion exchange is when sodium is introduced into the water, which replaces hard minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium (that is nothing but the nasty stuff that builds up on faucets, shower heads and just about anywhere that gets water often). People often ask if this water softener system causes their houses to use “salt water.” Though there is a trace amount of sodium that can be put into the water, it could not possibly be considered salt water. Because, it won’t corrode pipes, give your drinking water a salty taste, or increase your sodium intake.

The water supply in some areas is considered to be quite hard by common standards. Therefore, salt-based systems are usually the norm in that particular area.

Salt-free Potassium Chloride Systems

The most popular salt free water softener system is nothing but a potassium chloride system. Rather than replacing the hard minerals in water, this water softener salt simply prevents the minerals from building on the surfaces by performing as a “descaler.” Here, the descaling agents introduced into the water are what allows the minerals to pass over pipes and fixtures without building up and hence giving you corrosion and those hideous stains. Moreover, the hard minerals simply remain in the water. But that is not an issue, as they aren’t harmful to ingest.

How big should your water softener be?

Much like the water heater, water softeners also have a capacity that they can handle without any issues. How much water you use can help determine how big your water softener should be. The two main options in these water softeners are the single tank and dual tank. Larger families should seriously consider the dual tank. It has a much better chance of keeping up with the requirements of the household.


The name NORTH STAR should be on the tip of your tongue when you are talking about water treatment solutions. The company NorthStar is at the forefront of innovation. They established the most advanced water treatment technologies designed to deliver clean, clear, soft water when providing the optimal customer experience. From unique solutions to advanced connectivity, their systems have introduced better ways to make water better since 1925. In fact, that makes Northstar one of the largest manufacturers of water treatment systems in the world.


Using the NorthStar water softener can help preventing clogging issues that usually affects the device and the plumbing fixtures inside the washroom. Moreover, you are also delighted that you can see the results in no time which is a true testament that these North star water softeners are indeed very useful and efficient. In addition to this, some the Northstar’s maintenance free and ease of operation capabilities particularly on the “Look Ahead” technology that makes your life more easier. Hence, you definitely enjoy this Northstar softer water at your homes.

Hope you all enjoyed this best water softener review. Stay tuned to us to get latest and updated water softeners that are made available on Amazon. Thank You!!!

Be Safe!!! Stay Healthy!!!


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