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PurRite Shower Filter Water Softener Review 2020

Before talking about PurRite Shower Filter Water Softener Review, let’s begin the article with a very basic but simple question of what is hard water and consequences of its usage on a daily basis. Hard water is the water which contains a high content of minerals. The hard water is made when the water comes straight from limestone and chalk which are made of the high content of magnesium and calcium. The water in your is just not water it is the hard water but more than that. 

The quality of water depends upon what kind of area you are living in and the primary source of water i.e. personal water system or comes from the municipality. A large number of water sources comes from underground where large numbers of minerals. Hard water contains the very high intensity of minerals ions such as calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminum, and others are also found in the hard water. 

But mostly high amounts of calcium and magnesium are found present in the hard water. These all ion minerals are soluble in water i.e. is to say that they will get dissolved in the water. The hard water present in you your home can be very harmful in many ways starting from making storage difficult as it could harm the containers you store it in, the pipes, taps, dry taste and dry skin and much more. You don’t have to worry because at this point of time water softener will come for your rescue and save the life around your house. 

Water softening is a technique which will remove all the minerals from your water both the harmful and even the important ones. But many water softeners and R.O systems have a filter to remineralize the water with all the important minerals once the harmful minerals and the hardness of the water are dealt with. PurRite Shower Filter Water Softener which could be installed in your shower and then, it will give you pure mineral water as you shower.

Water Softener Filter Shower Head FEATURES

PurRite Water Softener Filter Shower Head has been given a large yet very strong design which is made up of stainless steel with a very lustrous shiny finishing makes it look attractive in your washroom and makes you want to shower all the time. PurRite Shower Filter Water Softener comes with many benefits which will further be mentioned in the article. This unit has been made and designed in a way which is comfortable to its users and consumers, without having to face any kind of problem or complain against the product. The brand strives to provide the best possible quality at a reasonable price, affordable for all.

PurRite Chlorine Filter Showerhead helps to purify the water by removing all the impurities and harmful chemicals present it. The water goes through an intense filtration stage before it finally reaches clean of all the impurities and chemical contaminants that were present in it. The water goes through the following mentioned stages before it reaches you starting with steel mesh, PP cotton, calcium sulfite, negative ion ball, main fan stone, infrared mineralized ball, tourmaline, ceramic ball, Nanosilver ceramic ball, KDF-55, Activated Carbon, PP cotton, and lastly again seal with steel mesh. After going such a long and intense procedure, the water which reaches you is very beneficial & healthy in uncountable ways. 

After going so many complex stages the water that comes from the PurRite Water Softener Filter Shower Head which provides you with various health benefits to you and for people you care about. As the Water Softener removes all the kinds of bacteria, pesticides, algae, fungi, chlorine, metals and excessive minerals present in the water. The effective filtration process of PurRite Water Filter will work for both kinds of water either hot or cold without compensating on the quality of the water. Moreover, the water will come to you with more benefits which will help your skin, hairs, nails and your overall body to improvise. It will completely change your water experience. 

Citric Acid Water Softener for Shower Head has been given a universal fitting design, which can be installed in various or any kind of shower you have at your home. So, you don’t have to worry about the size of your shower before buying the product. It has been made in a way that most people can make the use of the product and enjoy its benefits. Moreover, you don’t have to fret over how you will have to install it, or need the help of a technician. Not at all, the product is very easy to install and will hardly take a minute or two for you to install it yourself. Without putting much energy or time into it. 

PurRite Chlorine Filter Showerhead gives you 100% guarantee satisfaction from their product and the quality it performs. If you are in any way not satisfied with the unit and finds a fault in it you can return it without any obstacle in between and your money will be refunded back to you shortly. You don’t really have anything to lose hearing. So, please give it a try and you might actually come to love the water softener for its advantages and enhanced experience.

PurRite Water Softener Filter For Shower Head SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Product Model Number
Product Dimension
3.5 x 3.5 x 7.8 inches
Product Weight
1.3 pounds
Electricity not required
Stainless Stain





How long does PurRite Shower Filter Water Softener last?

 The lifetime of one filter cartridge PurRite SHower Filter Water Softener is about six to eight months. It also depends on the quantity of water, its softens, and the density of minerals in it. We need to keep changing the filters to ensure optimal performance.

Where do you buy replacement filters?

You can purchase these PurRite SHower Filter Water Softener replacement filters from Amazon.

Does the PurRite Shower Filter Water Softener take away any pfas chemicals?

Yes, this PurRite SHower Filter Water Softener can take away the PFAs chemicals partially but not completely.

Will the shower head in anyway affect the pressure of the water?

No, you don’t have to worry about that. It won’t affect the water pressure of your shower in any way.

How many filters would we require to replace the existing one?

You will only require one filter, not more than that.

Is it possible to attach the head shower to a hand held shower?

Yes, that is quite possible. All you have to do is first attach it to the pipe coming from behind the shower then join the shower wand base to the bottom part of the product.


PurRite Shower Filter Water Softener is a great product with an abundance of benefits that offers at such a reasonable price. Now, can anything be more important than the importance of your health and your family’s not? Unless you’re a superhero with great powers which doesn’t allow anything to affect your health. It helps to remove all the metals, dust, sediments, mold and any chemical & harmful minerals present in the water. Moreover, this best water softener system removes all the hardness from the water making it more beneficial for your skin and hair making it smoother & softer. Even it will help you energize and reduce the toxins present from the body. It has been given 4.4 average ratings out of 5 on Amazon by its users and consumers. Also 58th rank in Showerheads and 40K plus over in Home Improvements Tools. 

This best Showerhead Filter for Hard Water is an amazing PurRite product to provide you with the best quality of water. It goes through a long process of intense filtration during which all the harmful chemicals, contaminations, and viruses from the water. It does all this an at very minimal cost and doesn’t even require electricity to run. The filters of the showerhead are replaceable and could be replaced very easily. Moreover, it doesn’t even require any tools or someone profession as it could be quickly self-installed without any hazzle in between. 

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