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How to Stay Hydrated and why it is so Important for Health?

Water is the greatest thing to drink for staying hydrated. Sources of water include foods like fruits and vegetables which contains a high percentage of water. Some drinks with electrolytes are also useful for the people who do high intensity and vigorous exercise in very sunny weather, though they contain added calories and sugars.

Stay Hydrated image
Stay Hydrated image

Staying the body hydrated helps the heart to pump the blood easily through the blood vessels to muscles. And it also helps the muscles to work efficiently. If you are well hydrated then the heart does not need to work hard. Dehydration can be a serious condition that has problems ranging from swollen feet or headache to life-threatening problems like a heart attack. The amount of water a person requires depends on exercise intensity and its duration and climatic condition. If you are not sweating even after doing the vigorous physical activity then it indicates that you are dehydrated.

Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Water accounts for 60% of your body and is important for every cell. Staying hydrated do not show any impact on your brain. Here are a few health benefits of staying hydrated.

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  1. Water helps to prevent dry mouth: Water keeps your lips and mouth wet and helps to prevent your mouth from the feeling of thirsty. Dry mouth can cause unpleasant taste, bad breath and even there is a chance of forming cavities.
  2. Water promotes cardiovascular health: Dehydration lowers the volume of blood, so that heart should work hard to pump the reduced volume of blood and should get enough oxygen to the cells, which makes the regular activities more difficult like exercise and walking up the stairs.
  3. Water helps to keep the body cool: generally, the body releases the heat by expanding blood vessels close to skin’s surfaces resulting in more dissipated heat into the air and increasing blood flow. When you are dehydrated then the body takes higher environmental temperature which widens the blood vessels so that you stay very hot.
  4. Water helps joints and muscles work better: When you are well hydrated then the water outside and inside the cells of contracting muscles gives enough nutrients and removes waste efficiently so that you can perform in a better way. It is also necessary for lubricating joints.
  5. Water keeps the skin supple: When the person is hydrated severely, then the skin will be less elastic. Dry skin generally occurs due to soap, hot water, and exposure to dry air. Unfortunately drinking a lot of water does not prevent wrinkles.
  6. Water helps to cleanse your body in and out: Your kidneys generally require water to filter the wastes from the blood and excrete it in the urine. Keeping yourself hydrated will help you to prevent kidney stones and urinary tract infections. If you are dehydrated severely then kidneys stop working which results in the development of toxins in your body.

Tips for Staying Hydrated

Drinking water is very important for a healthy body. 60% of the human body is made up of water only. So by improving the hydration habits, you can improve your health. There are a lot of health benefits of staying hydrated. Here are some of the tips for staying hydrated.

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  • Make convenient drinking water: Keep a bottle of water at your desk, in your vehicle, in your bag, near the kitchen sink and other areas where you frequently visit during the day. When water is close to your hand, then you’ll try to drink water again and again.
  • Add some color: If some plain water is not just tasty, then there are a lot of colorful ideas to make it tastier. Add slices of lemon or lime, cucumber or orange slices, berries, watermelon pieces or few sprigs of basil or mint.
  • Include water-rich food in your diet: Vegetables, fruits, beans, broth-based soups, and oatmeal have a volume of water content which helps to hydrate your body and have the feeling of fullness.
  • Start and end up the day with water: Keep a glass full of water near the bed, after completion of your brushing then drink a glass full of water first. Sip on before bed and whenever you find time then have a sip of water without negligence.
  • Drink a glass of water at every meal and snack: In a busy life, it is easy to forget drinking water. So make sure to drink the water whenever you eat in order to ensure that you stay hydrated whole the day.
  • Teach the children to have tasteful water: With many sugary and flavored drink options children may not generally know the taste of water if you do not give them regularly and teach them about the importance of water in daily lives.

How to Stay Hydrated?

Since bodies are generally made up of water, drinking enough quantity of water is the key to your body’s functioning. It is very important to know how much water you require to consume to make the body stay hydrated as well as make some strategies to follow and maintain sufficient hydration in your daily life. Hydration needs may vary depending on the factors like illness, exercise, pregnancy, and temperature of the surrounding environment.

Method1: Drinking water regularly

Drinking water regularly image
Drinking water regularly image
  • Drink some quantity of water when you first wake up in the morning. Some people directly drink coffee or tea after they wake up. Instead, drink one glass full of water before drinking the tea which helps to increase your dehydration in the morning. Keep the water bottle beside your bed which makes you easier and remember to drink the water.
  • Carry the water bottle with you wherever you travel or you can even find water bottles to purchase which are cheap. Some even have marks to keep track of how much they are drinking daily. A general recommendation is to drink at least 8-ounce glasses of fluids daily and more if you are in hot weather or exercising. However, men need 13 eight ounces of glasses on an average whereas women need 9 eight ounces of glasses daily.
  • When you are feeling thirsty then the body signals that you are already lack of fluids. To avoid happening this again stay hydrated and drink water often enough. As you grow by age your thirst receptors will happen to become less effective at sensing the needs of your body for hydration, so it is a good idea to develop the habit of drinking water throughout the day.
  • Also, check the urine as the indication of whether you are staying hydrated or not. People who are consuming will have clear and light yellow urine. Whereas people who are dehydrated will have less urine with dark yellow in color as it is more concentrated.
  • Alcohol and caffeine will make your body lose its fluids quickly. Even orange juice is not good for hydration purpose. Instead, learn the habit of drinking more quantity of water.

Method 2: Know your hydration needs

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  • An important step is to know the needs of water intake for staying hydration. The basic recommendation is 8 eight ounces of water per day. You need to drink more water depending on the following factors.
    • Depending on the exercise you do, you need to increase the intake of water consumption.
    • Hot temperatures or even in humidified air indoors, you require a large amount of water for consumption.
    • Higher altitudes are generally more dehydrating.
    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding increase the intake quantity of water.
  • Drink a large amount of water when you do exercise. For an average workout, you need to take 1.5 to 2.5 cups of extra water. You need more than this if the duration of the workout is more than an hour. This is because the intense exercise will cause you to lose a lot of salt water through the sweat. Therefore to compensate this lose you need to drink a large quantity of water. Also, you need to take electrolytes in the sports drink to work more effectively.
  • It is important to notice the illness particularly suffering from vomiting or diarrhea and you require extra effort to stay hydrated. If you have an illness, then sip the fluids constantly through the day as much as possible to avoid dehydration. It is better to sip slowly instead of drinking all at once. Because consuming too much at once may further cause nausea or vomiting.
  • If your child is sick, then he or she will become dehydrated much faster than an adult. They need to be checked by a general physician very soon. Symptoms of dehydration in children are not urinating or less than usual, constipation, dry skin, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, rapid breathing or rapid heart rate. So be careful that your child doesn’t get dehydration and seek medical help as soon as possible.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women intake of water is little more than usual. In both cases, you need additional fluids in order to support the growth of the baby and to aid in milk production which requires a significant amount of water.

Hydration – Why is it so important?

Importance of staying Hydrated: Drinking fluids is very crucial to stay healthy and to maintain the function of each and every system in your body, including brain, heart, and muscles. Fluids will help to carry nutrients to the cells, flush out bacteria from the bladder and to prevent constipation.

Older age people don’t take enough fluids often fall in the risk of dehydrating, especially during the summer season. Older people don’t feel thirst as much they feel at their younger age. Warning signs of dehydration include low blood pressure, weakness, confusion, dizziness, or urine that is dark in color. The kidneys lose the ability to eliminate the water as we age.

So, it is important to stay hydrated regularly throughout the day. Importance of staying hydrated is that water helps with preventing you from headaches. Also, brain functions in such a way that it makes you a more responsive and fast thinker. Water also protects organs and aids critical body functions. It is very essential to drink enough water regularly regardless of whether you are healthy or not and no matter with your age. For more stuff on Best Water Softeners, keep visiting this site.

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