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Tier1 48000 Grain High Efficiency Water Softener Review 2023

Hard water is the water which contains high content of minerals. The hard water is made when the water permeates straight form limestone and chalk depositions which are made of high content of magnesium and calcium. Water in your house is just not water it is the hard water.

Quality of water depends upon what kind of area you live in and the source of water i.e. personal water system or comes from the municipality. If the water comes from the municipality that doesn’t mean that it does not contain any hardness in it. It doesn’t matter where you get your water from, as long as it the water comes from the ground it will dissolve things in the water such as metals, limestone and chalk etc which make the water hard.

The most commonly found minerals in water are calcium and magnesium in high intensity. If you don’t have any hard water issues, then it’s great for you. But if you do have problem of hardness in your water, you have come to the right place to find the solution for hardness issue in your water.

Water softening is a technique which is used to for removal of the minerals present in the water which is mostly calcium and magnesium ions only. It removes all the hardness present in the water (sometimes even, iron) to soften the hardwater and make it usable for your home. Water softeners are the best way to soften the hard water in your house. In this article, I will show Tier1 48000 Grain High Efficiency Water Softener Review with all its amazing features both positive and negative to help you make a wise decision.


  • Traditional Water Softener System
  • Smart and Compact Design
  • Digital control meter
  • Energy Efficient
  • Filter Guarantee

1. Traditional Water Softener System

Tier1 48,000 Grain High Efficiency Water Softener has been designed in a very traditional but most effective water softener system to completely remove the hardness from water and provide you with hardness free water. Like most traditional water softeners this Tier1 Water Traditional Salt Softener comprises two types of tank, the mineral tank and the brine tank.

Water softener is usually is installed at the source from which it enters your home, it is also known as ‘Point of Entry’ of the water inside your home. If not, possible you can install it wherever you want inside your house. Traditional water softener will use the technique named ion exchange during which the hard water is exchanged by sodium by the water softener.

The first tank, named mineral tank is permeated with little beads of polystyrene, which contains a negative ionic charge. Most commonly found minerals in the hard water are Calcium and Magnesium both of them transmit positive charges. So, when the hard water enters it with the positively charged minerals which are gripped by the negatively charged beads as it passes. Now, the second tank named as brine tank makes use of the common salts mostly sodium to make a brine solvent.

Sodium salts also have a positive charge but it is not even close to the charge of calcium and magnesium. Now, the solution of brine is drenched in the water softener system tank where it comes in touch with the polystyrene beads of the mineral tank sopped of calcium and magnesium. Now, gradually it is imbued before entering the last filtration of regeneration. Firstly, all the dirt and dust are flushed out of the tank. Afterwards the water is recharged with the sodium ion salt solvent through the brine tank into the mineral tank. In the mineral tank the sodium slings on the negatively charged beads and the magnesium & calcium are flushed out the tank. At last the mineral tank is regenerated by flushing out the extra brine solution before refilling it.

2. Smart and Compact Design

Best Water Softener Tier 1 For Hard Water has been designed in a very smart and compact to make it more durable and stable after it has been installed once. (Now, you wouldn’t want it falling down again & again? Would you?) The product has been made with high quality material which is completely safe and will make your water even better by removing all the hardness from it. Moreover, it comes with a feature that is of a turbine meter inside the system valve which will help you have the around four feet space inn your house.

3. Digital control meter

Tier1 48,000 Grain High Efficiency Digital Water Softener has been provided with a digital meter control valve with a manual bypass to give control in your hands. This Tier1 48,000 Grain High Efficiency Water Softener has been given an LCD display for easy managing and controlling of the water softener. The LCD display is very soft and smooth at touch and can be easily operated by anyone without any obstacle in between. Anyone from an adult to a child can easily operate it in case of an emergency. It has been made in a way keeping the necessities and comfort of the consumers in the mind.

4. Energy Efficient

After spending a fortune, or a large amount of money in buying a water softener would you further like the water softener to burn holes in your pockets by increasing your electricity bills? Of course, the answer will be no. Always when you’re buying an electric device you should check for energy star. This best Salt Water Softener is energy efficient and wouldn’t require much electricity for operating properly. In addition, the unhardened water is removed while being replaced with soft water at the same time which makes all your experiences with water better and further enhances its usages and experience.

5. Filter Guarantee

Best Water Softener for Hard Water by Tier1 gives hundred percent guarantee that of not worrying about anything related to the product and the best quality of the filters which will give you safe and enhanced experience with water in your home. Once installed the Tier1 water softener in your home, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just sit back and enjoy a lemonade (made of soft water) and let the product take care of everything else. The brand provides a US and Spanish based technical team for support which is highly knowledgeable and will help you solve & guide through your query.



  • Manufacturer : Tier1
  • Item model number : WS-165-150
  • Product Dimension : 15.5 x 15.5 x 66.5 inches
  • Product Weight : 10.4 ounces
  • Type : Electric
  • Mineral Tank Size : 10 Inch x 54 Inch
  • Cubic Feet of the Resin : 1.5 F
  • Grain Capacity : 48,000
  • Brine Tank : 14 Inch x 42 Inch
  • Warranty : None given



It describes the capacity of the Tier1 48000 Grain Digital Water Softener. It means that one cubic foot of Resin requires 18 pounds of salt to achieve 48,000 grains of recovered capacity


Yes the tank of Tier1 48000 Grain Digital Water Softener should be replaced periodically as the minerals get stuck to it, and it gets filled with microorganisms.


No, the Tier1 48000 Grain Digital Water Softener can’t remove fully. A Water Softener works by crystallizing calcium and other minerals instead of removing them. So they can be called as water conditioners instead of softener. Despite having a Water Softener, the hardness of water is not removed, and you cannot get salt free water.


The 48,000 grains of hardness means the number of grains a water softener can harness of hardness before it goes into regeneration phase. The Tier1 water softener can process around 48,000 grains of hardness before it regenerates.


The hard water can be very harmful for your things in home such as pipes, taps, dishes and even your clothes if washed with hard water. Moreover, the hardness present in your water can even clog your sink and water drainage duct which could disrupt you whole plumbing system. If you’re looking for a Best Water Softener for Home then you might want to consider Tier1 water softener in your options. It’s an established brand which works for benefit and comfort of their users and consumers around the world. It provides the best features and quality services to their users. Like most of the water softeners the product also has an automatic regeneration system.

Tier1 Water Softener is an amazing product which will enhance your experience with usage of water by freeing it of all the hardness inside it. I would recommend you to go for this product if it meets all the requirements and preferences of size & capacity etc. It has been given a rating of 4.4 out of five on Amazon. Moreover, it has been ranked 49th in Water Softeners and 62K plus in Home and Improvements. It is a decent product which will do the basic job turning the water softer at a cheap rate than many other products available in the market. Hope our Tier1 Water Softener Review is helpful for you in buying the best water softening system.

Tier1 WS 165-150 48000 Grain High Efficiency Digital Water Softener for Hard Water image

Digital Water Softener for Sale: Tier1 water softener comes with a compact and unique design with a traditional water softener mechanism which more effective than the most. It has been given a unique feature of manual Valve bypass to save some space along with a meter of LCD display. The product gives very quality service in completely removing the hardness from the water and is energy efficient as it also doesn’t require much electricity to do so.


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