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WATER BOSS 74016 Big Boss Water Softener

Presenting you the Best Water Softeners, i.e., Waterboss Water Softener Model 900 to remove the hard water present at your time. If a tap water gets contaminated with the minerals such as calcium, magnesium and other chemicals, then it is the sign of the hard water. For that, you need to soften the hard water by removing the chemicals present in it. With the help of Hard Water Softener, you can easily soften the water.

Water that treated with water softener will do cleaning efficiently with soap and reduces the household work. Your skin and hair also get softer and smoother with the help of softened water. To get all these benefits with soft water, you need to buy Water Boss Water Softener for your home. By adding this Waterboss Softener, you home will get more beautiful, i.e., when your dishes, glassware, silverware and so on are cleaned with the Soft Water, it will add a color to your house. So, without having any other thoughts in your mind, purchase the Waterboss Water Softener 900.

Waterboss 900 Whole House Water Softener

For the easy convenience and to reduce the work for you all people, scientists in our world inventing the different type of machines and techniques from past few decades onwards. A new invention in these years is a technique that softens the contaminated water (in other words it is hard water). It is none other than this Water Softener only. It is unsafe for kids to adults, if they use the Hard Water. Almost 40-50% of tap water mix up with the mineral ions such as calcium, manganese & magnesium that cause hard water. Be aware of Hard Water indications.

After having a shower, if your skin gets rough and dry then it is the sign of hard water. If your home appliances such as bath ware, sinks and so on have reddish stains on them, then it is the major hard water issue. In any water softener, the removal of hardness level will do through the Ion Exchange process. In the same way, the Waterboss Water Softener Model 900 as an Iron Water Filter to remove the Iron content present in the tap water. Let us have a deep look at the Water Softener Reviews for Water Boss Model 900 in this article.

Water Boss 900 – Best Water Softener

Water Boss Water Softeners, specially designed for the whole house water treatment in large families. Many models present in the Waterboss Water Softener. Mainly the Model 900 is the Best Water Softener in the Water Boss company. For the best and high-efficient use of water and salt, the Water Softener Waterboss 900 is the perfect one. Water Boss Model 900 Water Softener has 36,400 Grain Capacity which is perfect for the large family.

Model 900 has come with an LCD Display for an easy operation of the Water Softener. This stunning piece is attracting the customers with its color, i.e., Beige. It uses the 15 gallons per minute of water along with a salt quantity of 3.1 pounds. Waterboss Hard Water Softener provides a clean water with 95 grains per gallon. Not only as a Water Softening System but it also works as an Iron Filter for the removal of iron by 10 ppm (parts per million) range. Once refer the WaterBoss Water Softener 900 Features that mentioned in the upcoming sections.


  • Performance
  • Cost-Free Maintenance & Capacity
  • Size and Suitability
  • Cost & Warranty

If I am want to buy the product, I mainly look, how the product is working. The performance of the product is also important factor next to the cost and quality. In the Waterboss 900 Softener, it takes just 21 to 30 minutes to complete the regeneration process. For the regeneration process, Water Softener Water Boss uses 15 gallons of water and 3.1-5 pounds of salt.

By following the DIY Instructions you install this system. By doing like that you can easily do the installation wherever you want to fix the Waterboss Water Softener Model 900. That’s why Water Boss Water Softener Models are maintenance-free products. Water boss 900 Water Softening System produces 36,400 Grain Capacity which is commendable for large families. It is also known as the Whole House Water Treatment System. Model 900 Water softens water up to 90 gpg (Grains per Gallons) and also reduces the ferrous iron (Fe) up to 10 parts per minute.

Coming to the Waterboss 900, the Water Softener Dimensions are 15.8 * 19.8 * 32 Inches with a weight of 105 Pounds. In any large family, if you have a hard water problem then Water Softener Water Boss 900 is a suitable one. That’s why the Waterboss Model 900 Hard Water Softener designed for the large family.

If you want to buy a product, it is necessary for you to know about the cost of it. Few people think to purchase the product then only when they satisfied with the cost. The cost of the Water Boss 900 Water Softener is $550.39 approximately. The life-time of a product is also an important factor that every customer requires. Waterboss Water Softener Brand giving two types of warranties for the Model 900. According to the customer reviews on amazon, Waterboss 900 lasts for almost ten years.


Specification Name Value
Brand Name
Name of the Product
Water Boss Model 900 Water Softener
479.99 Dollars
Item Model Number
Product Dimensions
15.8 * 19.8 * 32 Inches
Item Weight
105 Pounds
36,400 Grains
Flow Rate
15 Gallons per Minute

Advantages of Having a Water Softener

  • If your water treated with the Water Softener, then your silver ware and glassware and kitchen utensils look shinier and cleaner.
  • You can quickly remove the soap scums on the bathtubs, tiles and glass windows.
  • Take a shower with soft water then your skin gets softer. Even after shampooing with the softened water, your hair gets smoother.
  • If you remove the hard water with a Water Softener, your home appliances such as coffee makers, washing machines, and dish washers life time will increases.
  • If your water heater protected with the Water Softener, it will reduce the energy cost of the appliance up to 225 to 29%.


  • Highly Efficient
  • Quiet
  • Digital Control Panel
  • LCD Display


  • Water Boss Softener, i.e., Waterboss Model 900 is maintenance free Water Softener
  • It just requires less amount of water to run the unit
  • Regeneration Process in the Waterboss Water Softener Model 900 takes 21 minutes to complete


  • In the words of price, Water Boss 900 is the little bit expensive when compared to other models
  • According to the Water Softener Reviews of Waterboss Model 900 made by the customers on the amazon.com is, there are few design issues for the unit

Bottom Line

Finally, what I want to share about this product is, every Water Softener Review about the Water Boss 900 is worthy. I suggest you buy the Waterboss 900 Hard Water Softener immediately. After purchasing the Waterboss 900 fix it in your basement by following the DIY (Do It Yourself) Instructions given in the Water Softener Manual.

All-inclusive, Water Boss 74016 Water Softener is a highly efficient system that works quietly in eliminating the hard water. It comes with built-in iron and sediment filters to remove the extreme hardness. If your family is big, then you can get this Water Boss softener that is of larger size.

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