Top 10 Whole House Water Softener Systems 2019 | Best Whole Home Water Softener Reviews

We all care more about the quality of water we drink or we use. If you came to know that something is not right with the water in your house, then you definitely need to buy the best Whole House Water Softener. At some places, the water contains chemicals or organic pollutants that may cause serious health issues. If you want your family to be free from such chemicals then you should install a whole home water softener system to make sure your family not experiencing the polluted water conditions in the house. So, if you are looking for the Water Softener for your whole, then you are at the right place. We have listed some top rated Whole House Water Softeners explaining their features, pros, and cons. Check out the best whole house water softener reviews that we listed today on this page.

It is well known that Hard Water gives negative side effects if you use throughout your home. To filter just the drinking water, many are using the Water Purifier. Similarly, to filter or soften the Water used for the shower, then you can go for the Water Softener Shower Head. If you want for both the purposes, then it is good to for best Whole House Water Filter and Softener. It is not so easy to decide what to buy. There are several brands which offer different water softeners. Among them how are you supposed to choose the best whole home water softener? You have to choose between many different sizes, brands, features, and prices. So, this is the reason why we have taken the time to review all the different products, brands, models, etc.

Top 10 Whole House Water Softeners are listed here. As per your requirements, pick the best whole home water softener from your budget.

Best Whole House Water Softener Reviews

Below we gave the best water softeners available in the market for a whole house. You don’t need to look any further for the best model. There are softeners available with different features. As everyone is different, the features we need and we choose will also be different. So, in the below list compare the key features of all the products and then focus on what matters to you. Not only features, we gave the complete review of each product. So, check out those whole house water softener reviews for even more details. These Whole House Water Softeners include both Salt-based and Salt-Free Water Softeners. If you go to the shop for buying a whole home water softener, you need to make it in a rush without proper review. So, buying through online is the right way which helps you to choose the best one with a lot of research.

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Top 10 Whole House Water Filter and Softener Systems

  1. Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener
  2. The Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener
  3. Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener
  4. Aquios AQFS220C Water Softener
  5. Aquios FS-220 Salt Free Water Softener and Filtration System, Blue
  6. Nuvo H20 DPHB Home Salt Water Softener System
  7. Aquasana EQ-SS20 Simplysoft Salt-free Water Softener
  8. WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener
  9. Morton MSD34C Water Softener
  10. Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener

These days, the soft water is such a necessity, especially where the water supplies are not running out properly. There the clean drinking water is very critical to surviving. Because of this issue, daily millions of people are dying in those areas. To solve this problem, it is a good decision to buy these kinds of products. The reason why these products are different is that they soften the hard water in different ways. Some units may be ideal for your house and some may not be ideal. The whole house water softener reviews on this page will go through all the top brands that are available on this market. So just sit back, relax and check all the information about each Whole House Water System.

1. Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener Digital SXT Metered Whole House System

Where ever you search for a best Whole House Water Softener, Fleck 5600SXT will definitely be there in the top 10 list. It comes in the mid to higher price range in online. If you are facing the really hardest water, then this Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener Digital SXT Metered Whole House System is the best option. It has the capacity of 48,000 grains. The size and quality of this best whole house water filtration and softener system make it perfect for the homes of up to 6 people. No maintenance needed as it can maintain itself and can be left to run unaided. Also, it automatically rinses and replenishes the resin tank as the electronic valve regenerates automatically.

It regenerates with the process of 4 modes: Immediate meter, Delayed meter, Delayed time clock, and Day of week regeneration. These modes will never let you run out of the soft water. The second mode of this regeneration process helps in monitoring the usage of water. For a couple of weeks, if this unit is running continuously then the 4th mode (day of the week regeneration) gives you enough time to get an idea of how long this best whole house water softener takes to reach the full capacity.

This Fleck 5600SXT features a 48-hour backup in the event of a power loss. Also, this whole home water softener has the LCD backlit display which helps in displaying the amount of soft water remaining and time and an intuitive user interface. With bypass valve and 1″ threaded plumbing adapter, it has the digital control head. Dimensions of this Fleck 5600SXT Whole house water softener are 10 x 0.1 x 54 inches and Weight of the item is 110 pounds.

Last update was on: July 16, 2019 11:31 am
  • Comes with grain capacity of 48,000.
  • Longer Durability.
  • Manufacturer warranty for the components of this unit.
  • Improves efficiency with the digital controller and control valve.
  • Regenerates automatically with 4 modes.

  • Low-quality components used.

2. The Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener

If you want the best whole house water softener in a more portable way, then you can choose this Watts RV PRO-1000 portable water softener. When you are on a trip or any camping place, you can take this water softener along with you. In the name, RV means recreational vehicles. So, by the name itself you might get an idea about this. Means, even during your traveling time, it helps you with the availability of soft solution. As Watts RV Pro-1000 water softener has the portability feature, it would not be suitable to use it for the large home purpose. It has the 10,000 grains capacity and it won’t have the automatic salt recharge facility. This best whole house water softener comes with the customized flow valve feature. This feature lets the regeneration of salts with or without connecting it to the main system.

To carry this portable water softener there is a cradle shaped design. This gives a good support while handling the water softener on the move and even helps in maintaining the needed stability. It has 4.5 gallons capacity to take as input. Another interesting thing about this is, it suits best for an avid traveler. So, if you travel and camp in RV or Motorhome in RV and facing the problem of hard water, then this Watts RV PRO-1000 water softener is the best choice for you. This uses the special mechanism to check the hardness of the liquid. So, you can check the hardness of the water again after softening process ends. Depending on the level of hardness of water it may vary. This Watts RV Pro 1000 water softener weights up to 9 pounds and the dimensions are  21 x 9.5 x 9 inches.

Last update was on: July 16, 2019 11:31 am
  • Keeping the portability factor in mind, this softener designed.
  • Cradle shape structure makes you easy to carry this unit from one place to another.
  • Softens the hard water with some special mechanism.
  • Because of the presence of some resistance in the flow area, the wastage of water is less in this water softener system.
  • Affordable.

  • No automatic regeneration.
  • No rotation of hose fitting.

3. Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener

Eddy Water Descaler is the best Whole House Water Softener which is bit expensive and less economical. It is great in preventing your home appliances and other from scale build-up and also reduce the scale in your home or business. This Eddy Water Softener is a no salt alternative for the softener which emulates the softened water without altering TDS. It is the best option for the people who are living in a hard water area and suffering from scale build-up on sinks, faucets, and showers. It won’t require any plumbing changes. So, anyone can install this best whole house water softener easily. Also, to soften the water it won’t require the salt and it costs a fraction of traditional salt-fed water softener price. The complex electromagnetic wave produced and is applied to the 2 coils which are placed around incoming water supply pipe.

When the water passes through these 2 coils it is subjected to an ever-changing magnetic field and helps you prevent the health problems. Eddy Water Softener has been successfully used for over 15 years in thousands of homes and businesses worldwide. Also, it works effectively and perfectly on all types of water pipes except lead and iron. It is the best eco-friendly alternative to the salt-based water softeners. It is the only descaler which is risk-free and comes with a lifetime guarantee for repairs or replaces and a no-quibble 12-month money back guarantee. To install this whole house water softener, you don’t require any knowledge of plumbing. Instead of reducing the hardness of water, it stops minerals from sticking to the appliances and pipes. Dimensions: 6.7 x 1.6 x 3.5 inches; Weight: 1.46 Pounds.

Last update was on: July 16, 2019 11:31 am
  • Maintenance not required.
  • Salt free filtration and softening.
  • Easy to install.
  • It protects your pipes and appliances from hard water.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Eliminates scale in business and home.
  • Keeps healthy minerals in the water.
  • Lifetime warranty for repair or replace.
  • 12-months money back guarantee.

  • This water softener is not recommended for water hardness above 20 GPG.
  • Need to install this in your home.

4. Aquios AQFS220C Whole House Water Filter and Softener

Aquios AQFS220C is the best whole house water softener which filters and softens the hard water with clear housing. This all-in-one unit uses a carbon block filtration with a saltless, food-grade additive rated at 5 microns to soften the hard water. It even eliminates the existing scale buildup and prevents from forming the new scale. Now you can have a conditioned, no chlorine aftertaste, and tasty water in an economical, space-saving, single solution. This shower head was designed with In-head-valve with internal bypass and shut-off and the flow rate of 12 GPM. Aquios FS220C has the operating temperature of 40-115 degrees F and the operating pressure of 100 PSI. This whole house water filter and softener is kinder to the environment and little cheaper to run as it is the salt-free unit.

Aquios AQFS220C Water Softener won’t remove the minerals from your hard water just like a traditional water softener. Instead, it makes those minerals like magnesium and calcium to bond or scale-up on appliances and pipes. Actually, this water softener targets on existing scale deposits but also good in preventing the new scales from appearing on your appliances. With the aid of special cartridges, it works perfectly and inhibits the limescale buildup. In bonus, this best whole home water softener has the 5-micron whole house water filter. The filter is a carbon block which improves the taste of water. The special cartridges used here last around 6 months in time for 40000 gallons of water use. Dimensions of this Aquios AQFS220C Water Softener are 5.4 x 5.4 x 23.4 inches and the item weight is 8.4 pounds.

Last update was on: July 16, 2019 11:31 am
  • Softens and filters water.
  • Eliminates the existing scale build-up over time.
  • Gives conditioned and tasty water.
  • Prevents from forming the scale build-up.
  • The capacity of 40000 gallons.
  • It has a bypass feature which comes handy.
  • Comes with exterior and interior brass fitting.

  • It is not much effective for good water.
  • Compared to the softening it works best for the filtering.

5. Aquios FS-220 Salt Free Water Softener and Filtration System, Blue

Aquios FS-220 Whole House Water Softener uses the carbon block filtration to both soften and filters water. With the help of food-grade additive, non-salt it softens the hard water in your home. Also, it eliminates the existing scale build-up and prevents from appearing the new scale. You and your family can get the conditioned and tasty water. It is the space saving and economical solution which has the port size of 3/4-inch threaded brass. This best whole house water filtration and softener system ensure that chlorine, lead, sediment, and other harmful, undesirable materials are removed from your hard water. It comes with a sleek and compact design which utilizes the commercial strength technology to give the full house water conditioning and filtration. You and your family will get the pure and healthy water with this Aquios FS-220 water softener.

The calcium, magnesium, and other chemicals found in the hard water do not build up on your fixtures and pipes. Unlike salt-based systems, these minerals won’t be removed in this best whole house water softener. It uses a commercial and natural technology which ensures that these harmful minerals do not accumulate or build up on faucets, water heaters, and internal pipes or any other device. With this technology, it also slowly reduces the scale formed on your pipes and appliances. The most scale-causing minerals pass through this system instead of forming deposits on pipes and appliances.

It works without any maintenance, programming, or electricity with its unique design. Also, just like salt-based water softeners, this Aquios FS-220 seems like it is not slippery. There will be virtually no pressure loss and it ensures a reduction in water flow rate. Coming to the warranty, the valve and housing have the 20 years warranty. The dimensions of Aquios FS-220 are 27 x 10 x 8 inches and weight is 7.5 pounds.

Last update was on: July 16, 2019 11:31 am
  • It is space saving and economical solution.
  • Reliable and effective.
  • Salt-free filtration.
  • It ensures a reduction in Water Flow Rate.
  • Durable.
  • 20-year warranty.
  • It won’t require any maintenance, electricity, or programming.

  • Some believe that this water softener compromises on softening.

6. Nuvo H20 DPHB Home Salt Free Water Softener System

Nuvo H2O Water Softener is the best Whole house water softener which uses chelation technology to soften the water. The hard minerals are made soluble with this technology which won’t need any electricity, magnets, and salt. So, to soften the water, there will not be any waste to worry about. Nuvo H2o DPHB Water Softener not only works for softening and filtering, also it eradicated the limescale build-up which clogs and corrodes appliances and water pipes. It has been ideally designed to suit the water of entire premises. This whole house water filter and softener eliminates the scale build-up using 20-inch salt-free replacement cartridges. It has the capacity of 50,000 gallons. This is the annual average water usage of a household of 2 members. Also, it protects your environment and health from the harmful effects of salt and other chemicals.

Nuvo H20 DPHB Home Salt Free Water Softener uses the best process to condition all the water throughout your home. It has the water flow of 12-15 GPM and there will be no change to this existing flow. This best whole house water softener not only prevents from scale build-up but also removes the existing scale. It helps in improving the efficiency of the water heater, pipes, current fixtures and other appliances. You can’t get any other model like this as it is designed amazingly and beautifully. Due to all these features, it is priced bit high but is affordable with all those features. The dimensions of Nuvo H2O Whole Home Water Softener are 5 x 5 x 24 inches and the weight is 8 pounds. On buying this product online you get the instructions for installation and maintenance along with the item.

Last update was on: July 16, 2019 11:31 am
  • It is effective and reliable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Salt-free filtration.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Fairly Affordable.
  • It comes with the capacity of 50,000 gallons.
  • Full house enabled filter capacity.
  • It is small enough to fit perfectly in an average or small home.
  • Comes with instructions for installation and maintenance.

  • It can leak if the gasket moves out of place.
  • High-price.

7. Aquasana EQ-SS20 Simplysoft Salt-free Water Softener

Aquasana EQ-SS20 is the best whole house water softener which reduces the scale build-up by naturally conditioning your water that too without adding any sodium. It is a stand-alone water softener which is an upgrade to your existing whole home water softener. This softener has the 50,000 gallons capacity which lasts for six months. Aquasana EQ-SS20 Simplysoft uses the innovative SLOW PHOS salt-free water softening technology to condition your hard water naturally. Without using the added sodium, this best whole house water softener protects your appliances and pipes from the scale build-up or corrosion. Also, this technology alters or changes the ionic charge of hard mineral carbonate crystals and later it reduces their attraction to one another consequently in the water. By this, the hard minerals won’t pack together or clump to create a scale build-up.

Aquasana EQ-SS20 whole house water softener acts as a protective barrier in your plumbing and protects your plumbing from the pipe corrosion. This is the added benefit of this water softener due to the SLOW PHOS phosphates. Another amazing thing you should know is, this whole house water softener will not negatively affect the environment by adding the sodium of large amounts into the communal water system. Also, it won’t demineralize your water. You can install and maintain it easily as it comes with the brass fittings. The protection against the organic particles will be given by the post-filter (sub-micron). This Aquasana EQ-SS20 uses 20-inch pre-filter. It is more durable than the standard pre-filters of 10-inch. With its shut-off valves and bends supports, it eases the filter changes. Dimensions of Aquasana EQ-SS20 Simplysoft Salt-free Water Softener are 14 x 5 x 23 inches and weights upto 13.1 pounds.

Last update was on: July 16, 2019 11:31 am
  • NAC technology prevents scale build-up.
  • It safeguards pipes from corroding.
  • Brass fittings ease installation and maintenance.
  • Safeguards plumbing from corrosion.
  • This water softener is environmentally safe since it adds no extra sodium amounts.
  • Conditions water effectively and naturally.
  • Bend supports and shut-off valves ease filter changes.
  • Post-filter of this water softener improves protection against the organic particles.
  • Compared to standard 10-inch pre-filters, the 20-inch post filter used in this best whole house water softener is more durable.

  • It comes with the poor quality packaging.

8. WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener

WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener is the best water softener which is small in size but performs well. Out of all the systems in the market, this best whole house water softener has a suitable size right now. It has the compact design which is so small in look and would not look like a water softener. During the run of the machine, we all are aware of the loud sound it makes. But this works very silently and appreciates user’s free time. For the regeneration process, sometimes it takes only 19 minutes. It has an internal filter and the external filter is not available. Thus, you can save the maintenance cost with this.

Also, this WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Whole House water softener has the display screen which is easy to handle and you can simply set up. It consists of Built-in 20 micron whole-house dirt & sediment filter. This WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener stood as the best whole house water softener because of its features. For a family of 4 using municipally supplied water in the city area, this is perfect and best option because of its compact look and low regeneration time. Simply we can say that this is the best product that ranks first in the list of WaterBoss Water Softeners.

There are cases where you need to use water for minimal jobs. At that time, this best whole house water softener comes in proper use. It can easily fit accordingly depending on the use. The regeneration time is also low since it is small in size. Thus, in turn, it saves a huge amount of solution. Self-Cleaning Mechanism is available which is done by the internal filter. Therefore, it reduces one task for the user. Dimensions of this water softener are 18.8 x 14.8 x 25.8 inches; Weight is 73.2 pounds.

Last update was on: July 16, 2019 11:31 am
  • Regeneration time is low.
  • A self-cleaning mechanism by the internal filter.
  • Compact size.
  • Never wastes water or salt as it has demand regeneration operation.
  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • Built-in 20 micron whole-house dirt & sediment filter.
  • Comes with factory installed the by-pass valve.

  • 3-year warranty.
  • Regarding machine, there are some registered complaints.

9. Morton MSD34C Whole Home Water Softener

Morton MSD34C comes with the amazing features which made this the best whole house water softener. It uses the Patented Look Ahead Technology which is a highly efficient 34,000-grain demand regeneration unit. This Morton water softener learns about your water usage and regenerates if needed. Its space-saving compact design includes the Bypass valve. It is slightly heavier because compared to other appliances of Morton it has a relatively large size. It has a Look Ahead feature and an outstanding flow rate of 8 GPM. This Look Ahead feature enables the unit to know about the usage of water and effectively adjust to predict all soft water needs of you in any household in the future. With a Demand Initiated Regeneration it eliminates hard elements in your water by saving salt and water effectively.

This best whole house water softener well supported by the manufacturer with a 1-year warranty on parts, free technical assistance, and 10-year warranty on tanks. In the same unit, you will get the brine container and tank. So, for the people who access small space, this space saving design is preferable and best. With the just small amount of salt, this Morton MSD34C softens the hard water effectively. This comes with the battery-free power interruption protection for potential power outages. Most of all, you can easily install and maintain this Morton MSD34C Whole House Water Softener. For installation, it just takes an hour or even less time.

Also, you can easily use the control panel of it without any instructions or difficulties. You can use this for all parts of your home which made this the best whole house water softener among several products. The Bypass valve in it helps to re-route the certain water sources to keep it from being softened. You can also install this unit outside by using a special cover to protect the elements. Dimensions: 18.2 x 13.2 x 48 inches; Weight: 91 lbs.

Last update was on: July 16, 2019 11:31 am
  • Highly efficient.
  • Comes in a space-saving compact design.
  • 34,000 gallons capacity.
  • DIR (Demand Initiated Regeneration) using “Look Ahead” technology.
  • Learns your water usage and regenerates when needed.
  • Free technical support.
  • 1-year warranty on all parts.
  • 10 years warranty on tank.
  • It includes Bypass valve.

  • It’s not completely a salt-free water softener but works effectively for the whole house.

10. Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener

Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener is also listed as the best whole house water softener for its amazing features. It comes with the iron filter and has the high flow of water for whole house use. It has the massive capacity of 64,000-grain and designed with the fine mesh resin for high iron removal and also for the long life. Its massive grain capacity makes it suitable for the hardest of water. This Iron Pro 2 Combination Whole House Water Softener comes with the digital metered valve for ease of use and efficiency. With this, it can regenerate automatically and makes the unit lasts longer. It comes with the 5-year warranty. Removes Iron up to 6-8 parts per million range, hardness upto 75 grains per gallon, sediment, rust, sand, and other harmful chemicals.

Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener uses the Fleck 5600SXT valve which is the leading digital valve in the industry. This valve allows you to monitor the usage of water and regenerate using the small amount of water and salt. Also, the digital valve of this best whole house water softener comes with a 5-year warranty and there will be a 10-year warranty for the tank to ease anxious minds. Most of all, it comes with an amazing 30-day satisfaction guarantee too. It is extremely effective, robust, and it has a huge capacity.

So, there is not much to bother about this Iron Pro 2 Whole House Water Softener. Thus, if you are facing a problem with iron and if you have a big family then this whole house water softener is worth consideration. Dimensions of Iron Pro 2 whole house water filter and softener are 14 x 7 x 21 inches and Weight is 119.5 pounds.

Last update was on: July 16, 2019 11:31 am
  • 64,000-grain capacity.
  • Comes with LCD display.
  • Iron up to a max 8 ppm.
  • 2 cubic feet fine mesh resin.
  • Metered on-demand regeneration.
  • Touchpad controls.
  • Complete brine tank with float.
  • 48,000-grain maximum capacity.
  • Easy setup.
  • Offers digital controls with an informative display.
  • Includes control head, tank, and fine mesh resin.

  • Heavy tank.

Note: Along with these top 10 whole house water softeners, there is another product which the best one for whole house use. That is, Aquasana 10-Year, 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House Water Filter with Salt-Free Softener and Professional Installation Kit.

How to choose a Whole House Water Softener?

There are few things to consider before buying a Whole House Water Softener. Different models come with different features. Based on your requirement, the hardness of your water, water flow rate, etc. you need choose the best whole house water softener. The things to consider are mentioned below. So, read that and make your shopping easy.

Salt Based or Salt-Free

Whole House Water Softeners are available in both the models i.e., Salt Based and Salt-Free. Each design has its own benefits. If your place is having really hard water, then it is better to go for the Salt-based water softeners. They are good in improving the performance of soaps and detergents and are more effective. If you are more concerned about your health and if you wish to protect your pipes and appliances from scale build-up then it is good to go for Salt-free Water Softeners. These type of water softeners are good and kinder to the environment.

Hardness of your Water

First, to decide whether to go for a Salt-based or Salt-free water softener, it is important and necessary to check the Hardness of your water. This hardness can be tested with the help of the test kit. This kit indicates the hardness level of your water and helps in showing how powerful a softener model you need to buy. As mentioned below, if you are having really hard water, then you need a salt-based water softener or something that is with a large grain capacity. Also, the systems with high water flow rate are necessary for the larger homes. So, this is why it is important to find out the hardness of your water in your house.

Water Flow Rate

Based on the amount of water a home needs and the hardness of that water, the water softeners are sized and designed. So, first check out your water flow rate and then start searching for a best whole house water softener. If you have a larger home or a home with a couple of bathrooms, then you need to go for the water softener that has a big tank and is capable of handling a water flow rate that is fast. Among all the whole house water systems mentioned above, choose the best whole house water softener that won’t affect your water flow rate or the unit that suits well to your home.


We are going for the expensive things, we definitely look up for the warranty. Because we put more money in that we expect it to be with longer durability. So, make sure you get a good deal with the warranty as the whole life water softeners can be expensive. Replacement parts can be expensive for the electronic devices. So, before buying make sure that you get covered under the warranty. However, the top-rated whole house water softeners come with good warranties and are also reliable.

Regeneration Process

Another important factor to consider while buying a best whole house water softener is that you need to check out the regeneration process. Different models soften the hard water in different ways. After a time, the salt-based systems regenerate and reset themselves which saves your money and time. If a whole house water softener is monitoring your water use and regenerating when necessary, then it is surely a best whole house water softener. For this regeneration process, the best systems only use the minimum amount of water and salt.

Cost of Salt

This is also one of the important factors to consider before buying. Depending on the usage of the system or how often you use the softener, you will need to top up the salt tank. This depends on the regeneration settings of your softener, hardness of your water at your house, and the amount of water that you use. Make sure you estimate correct salt use and the cost because different softeners use different kinds of salt for softening.

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I hope you find the best one after learning about the best whole house water softeners on this page. On the top of the page, you can see the table of top 10 water softeners along with the price. Review of each product is mentioned below. Before choosing the best whole house water softener, you need to check the tips regarding water softener that given above. So that you will get an idea about choosing a water softener for your home or business. On deciding the factors, it will be very easy to pick the best one among these top 10 products. After knowing how much a water softener can affect our health in long-term and how important having it is, you will definitely look for a best whole house water softener.

Most of the people do not realize this issue regarding health. But once they do then there is no looking back after making the changes to an improved water filter. When it comes to taste and health benefits as well, the best whole house water softener is so much better. To experience the real benefits of these amazing products, we truly hope that you make a change as well. So, check the whole house water softener reviews and for more information or doubts or any other queries, just comment and get the answers.