Yarna Capacitive CWD24 Electronic Water Descaler System – Best No Salt Softener for Whole House!

Tired of dealing with hard water deposits, blocked piping systems, and rough skin? Well, Yarna electronic water softener is the best solution for you. With the usage of only 120-volt energy and 2 Amperage power, the Yarna softener is all set to descale the hard water at your home. Read the detailed Yarna Descaler CWD24 review below before taking any decision.

Calcium and magnesium come under the category of minerals that are known for their adhesion property, which causes them to amass on the inner surface of the water pipes, leading to dull surfaces, malfunctioning machinery, rust accumulation, and disintegration. It can even harm our hair and skin, producing skin rash, dry hair, and itching. Yarna water descaler, serves as a savior from such problems, working through Capacitive electric impulses prevents the minerals from bonding and building up inside our water pipes. An automated microchip monitors the electrical impulses released by the capacitive effect of Yarna descaler CWD24. ULTRA-FLAT IMPULSE BANDS helps to transmit the signal frequencies, which construct a frequency field to change the state of water and transform it into crystals as it drifts by.

This mini water softener only descales and in no amount removes the minerals from the water, as they are good for our skin and form an essential part of our diet. The water softener employs a chemical-free process to soften the water, which neither uses salt nor wastes any water in its functioning. It effectively cleans our plumbing system installed with a minimum of 10” free pipe space and a maximum of 1” pipe diameter. It even resonates with our busy schedule as it takes only 15 mins to install and is maintenance-free. In this Yarna whole house electronic water softener & descaler review, you can see our experience about what we liked and what we don’t.

Yarna Descaler CWD24 Review for 2023

1. YARNA Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler System

This water softener functions on Capacitive effect or Cathodic protection, which depends on the basic doctrines of physics used to protect metals from eroding. This essential principle includes an external anode to be attached to the metal for its protection, which on the passage of the current becomes cathodic and develops corrosion resistance.

As observed by us, this technique effectively reduces limescale deposit in pipes, protects from rust, and its microchip restrains the current flow through the two active coils. We do not have any risks of surviving an electric shock from this water softener as it comes with complete insulation, and the current flows only on the inside and not the outside of our pipes.

2. Type

Yarna serves as the best salt free water softener. It does not require any salt, polyphosphates, or filters to function as a water scale remover or as a limescale prevention solution. It even avoids using materials that might cause harm to our environment. Whereas the other water softeners use chemicals that are discharged into the water stream and are difficult to be removed by the wastewater treatment facilities.

We find this feature of the Yarna water softener fascinating as it makes the product eco-friendly and gives it an upper hand among the other water descalers in the market. This water softener did not change the chemistry of our water. Rather it killed viruses, bacteria and removed the harmful herbicides and pesticides from it.

3. Flow Rate Free

This no salt water softener works irrespective of the water speed. Its large range frequency ( 3-32 kHz) makes the water softener function effectively at any water speed. This feature startled us as it directly contrasts to other water softeners, which work best at their resonant speeds.

This small water softener can efficiently function with all pipe types. Some other softeners becomes inefficient with the metal pipes. Depending upon the ambient temperature, the effect of its usage on the pipes can last for up to 7 days after the water exits from the pipe system.

4. Household Size

Yarna is the best whole house water softener with its drastic temperature range ( -13F to 122F) and its effective functioning up to 1.2 miles from the installation point of our plumbing system. This alternative water softener is made more durable and safer with the installation of carbon fiber.

These fibers render it resistant to physical effects and chemical eroding. They even allow Yarna descalers to overcome hefty usage and combat hostile environmental conditions. This water softener is not dependent on our home’s size and functions effectively, even in large homes.

5. 100% Money Back Guarantee

With the installation of this saltless water softener, you can escape from the cleaning and personal care expenses. Because it leads to a 50% reduction in the purchase of soaps, lotions, and detergents. Its soft water protects the washable items (clothes, towels, linens), plumbing systems, and appliances, reducing their replacement or repair chances.

Although we assure you that the Yarna water softener provides a lime scale-free environment, it comes with a full refund guarantee applicable for one year, in case you are not satisfied with the product for any reason. (Some sites offer only one year warranty)


CWD24 Yarna Water Descaler Specifications

  • Manufacturer : Guru Brands LLC
  • Part Number : CWD24
  • Product Dimensions : 5.9 x 1.8 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight : 1.25 pounds
  • Size : Max 1″ Pipe
  • Style : Bamboo
  • Material : ABS
  • Installation Method : Wall or Pipe
  • Wattage : 4 watts


Does Yarna salt-free water softener CWD24 help to get rid of ferrous iron?

Yarna water softener does not get rid of any mineral, and rather it only descales those concerned with the hardening of water (calcium and magnesium). Hence, the question of getting rid of the ferrous iron becomes invalid. In case ferrous iron is present in the water supply of your home, Yarna descaler CWD24 will descale and not remove it.

What’s the effective range in feet?

Yarna water softener CWD24 functions effectively within the radius of 1.2 miles or 6336 feet from the juncture where your plumbing system is installed. One water softener functions effectively for an average-sized home. A larger home will require more water softeners.

How much increase can be observed in your electricity bill for using Yarna softener CWD24?

Because this water softener consumes only 2 Amperage of current, the result on your electricity bill will not be a grand amount. Moreover, with Yarna water softener, we save a sufficient amount per month. In that case, our savings overpowered the negligible increase in our electricity bill.

How does this Yarna CWD24 water descaler softener alternative work for hot water sitting in the tank if we don’t use it for a while?

The effective functioning of the Yarna water softener does not depend on the frequency of its use. The difference between its productivity when used regularly and when used after a while is negligible.

Final Words

Water serves as the most integral part of our lives and is used in almost all daily life activities. Coming from the plumbing system to our home appliances, it reaches our hair and skin. Having hard water at home can prove fatal to our lifestyle. If you live in a cozy, comfortable home but are struggling with the problem of hard water in your area, a Yarna water softener is probably what you are looking for. With its cathodic protection, low maintenance, easy installation, and affordable price, it will serve as the best option for you if you are willing to have a healthy and easy lifestyle. It protects our showerheads, faucet aerators, clothes washer, dishwasher, inside of our water heater, our skin, and even our hair. So, what are you waiting for? See complete Yarna Descaler CWD24 review, order it and change your plumbing system today.

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